Social Sciences

SSCI 415 Social Studies Methods at the Secondary Level 4
Prereq.: Admission into the Professional Program of teacher education for History/Social Studies, EDTE 316, and either SPED 315 or SPED 501. Must be taken concurrently with EDSC 425 and either RDG 440 or RDG 506. Concepts, methods, and materials for teaching social studies in the secondary school. Emphasis on the use of documents, learning styles, process skills, and the interdisciplinary nature of social studies. Field experience required. CT law requires fingerprinting and a criminal background check for the field experiences in this class. Fingerprinting must be completed prior to the beginning of class.

SSCI 421 Social Studies Student Teaching Seminar 1
Seminar during student teaching semester enabling students to share resources and ideas for upcoming lessons, difficulties, and successes, and discover how various schools and teachers approach the same issues. Must be taken concurrently with EDSC 435.

SSCI 499 Individual Practicum 1
Prereq.: Permission of history department chair; admission to the professional program in teacher education. Individual practicum for students to complete field experience hours in secondary history and social studies classrooms. Irregular.

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