Construction Management

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CM 110 The Built Environment and Global Society 3
Survey of construction materials, methods and management throughout history and across the planet and their relationship with societal development. Focus on understanding how societal needs and the construction process interact. Fall. Study Area III [I]

CM 135 Construction Graphics/Quantity Take-Off 3
Understand and interpret drawing packages for building and heavy construction. Emphasis on analysis of architectural and structural drawings. Understand quantity take-off processes and conduct take-offs of sitework, concrete, masonry, steel, and rough carpentry. Two hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets four hours per week.

CM 155 Construction Documents 3
Examination of the role of the construction project administrator. Emphasis on interpretation of construction documents and administration of project-related documents and reports associated with the construction process.


CM 235 Building Construction Systems 3
Introduces basic body of knowledge of construction, including job identification, terminology, and the use of equipment as used in light and heavy construction.

CM 245 Heavy/Highway Construction Systems 3
Introduction to heavy and highway construction practices. Emphasis on construction equipment, labor, materials, and methods as they relate to field operations.

CM 275 Introduction of MEP Systems 3
Introduction to building mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Focus on how systems interact with other parts of the construction process. Identify major system components and understand how they operate. Spring.


CM 325 Building Construction Estimating 3
Prereq.: CM 135 and CM 235. Examination of the role of the construction estimator. Emphasis on pricing labor, material, and equipment costs in the areas of sitework, concrete, masonry, steel, and carpentry. Two hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets four hours per week. Fall.

CM 335 Construction Safety 3
A study of safety problems in the construction environment with emphasis on the day-to-day activities of the construction safety coordinator. Spring.

CM 345 Heavy/Highway Construction Estimating 3
Prereq.: CM 135 and CM 245. Examination of the role of the heavy and highway construction estimator. Emphasis on pricing labor, material, and equipment cost as they relate to civil construction projects. Two hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets four hours per week. Spring.

CM 353 Introduction to Surveying 4
Prereq.: MATH 115 or 119 or 121. Activities that will acquaint the student with instruments and tools of the surveyor including their use in the techniques of field surveying. Emphasis on actual layouts and areas and elevations as performed in the civil and construction discipline. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets five hours per week. Spring.

CM 355 Construction Planning 3
Prereq.: CM 325 or 345. Examination of the role of the construction planner/ scheduler. Emphasis on CPM scheduling using arrow and precedence diagram techniques. Procedures associated with determining project completion dates, progress, schedule updating, and project time reduction. Two hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets four hours per week. Fall.

CM 356 Materials of Construction 4
Prereq.: MATH 115 or 119 and CM 235 or ET 150. Investigates the strength and other properties required of various materials used in construction. The testing, proper use, and application of aggregates, concrete, structural steel, and timber will be emphasized. Three hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets five hours per week. Fall.



CM 405 Topics in Construction 3
Prereq.: Permission of department chair. An individualized inquiry of comprehensive study into a selected construction area. The student may elect to examine materials, methods, or techniques in modern construction. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits in different topics. On demand.

CM 415 Introduction to Construction Law 3
Introduction to the basic concepts of construction law and its impact on the construction industry. Topics include basic legal principles, formation and interpretation of construction contracts and legal remedies for dispute resolution. This is a linked course with CM 515. Spring. (E)

CM 425 Applied Structural Systems 3
Prereq.: ET 241 or ET 251, and CM 356; or permission of instructor. Introduction to strength of materials, structural analysis and the structural design process for the construction manager or architect. Includes review of current structural steel and reinforced concrete design specifications and building code requirements. Cannot be used for credit in ET programs. Spring. [GR]

CM 435 Construction Superintendency 3
Prereq.: Senior standing. Examination of the role of the construction supervisor. Emphasis on personnel scheduling, time keeping, trade unions, superintendents, and the duties of the project manager. [GR]

CM 455 Construction Project Management 3
Prereq.: CM 355 or admission to M.S. in Construction Management or Technology Management, or permission of department chair. Emphasis on administrative procedures, quality control, time and cost control, resource management, field office practices, construction processing, job site meetings, and correspondence. Two hours lecture and two hours laboratory, course meets four hours per week. Spring. [GR]

CM 465 Construction Internship 3
Prereq.: Junior Standing. Introduction to the construction workplace. Emphasis on field operations and management applications as they apply to building and heavy/highway construction projects. On demand.

CM 475 Construction Business Principles 3
Prereq.: CM 155 and AC 211. Examination of the roles of the owner of a construction company. Emphasis on ethical, organizational, financial, legal, managerial, and personnel issues. Fall/Spring.

CM 485 Construction Management Senior Lab 1
Prereq.: Permission of department chair. Capstone activities including program assessments, networking events and lectures by industry representatives. Taken by students in the semester of graduation.


CM 500 Fundamentals of Construction Management 3
Prereq.: Permission of the department chair. Introduces fundamental aspects of construction management to students without formal construction management backgrounds. Emphasis on creating familiarity with all aspects of construction projects. Topics covered include planning, scheduling, estimating, organizational forms, contracts and risk management. Will be used for conditional admission for students without appropriate background. Credit for this course may not be applied to the MS CM program.

CM 505 Construction Project Delivery Systems 3
Explanation of various project delivery systems. Emphasis on design-bid-build, design-build, program management and construction management practices. Additional topics include ethics, professionalism, public responsibility, TQM and partnering. Spring. (O)

CM 515 Construction Law 3
Principles of the legal doctrines relating to owners, design professionals and contractors. Emphasis on the legal issues surrounding the formation and interpretation of contracts, contract clauses, and legal remedies available to all parties. This is a linked course with CM 415. Spring. (O)

CM 525 Construction Equipment Operation & Management 3
Selection and management of construction equipment for efficient and effective construction operations. Focus on equipment fundamentals and integration of equipment into the construction process. Economic considerations associated with equipment acquisition, ownership and replacement also covered. Fall. (O)

CM 535 Sustainable Buildings 3 
Sustainable design and construction goals, processes, and strategies with a focus on larger commercial and institutional buildings. Designing and constructing sustainable buildings not only benefits the environment, it also makes good business sense. Fall (E)

CM 545 Construction Risk Management 3
A study of procedures that may be used to identify and solve problems arising during the construction process. Field problems requiring systematic problem solving, decision matrices and other risk assessment and mitigation tools will be addressed. Fall. (E)

CM 555 Construction Project Control 3
Prereq.: Admission to M.S. Construction Management program. Application of software to control costs, quality and time as they apply to a construction project. Spring (E)

CM 565 Construction Labor Relations 3
Focus on collective representation, including the historical development of collective bargaining and employment laws. Emphasizes the unique aspects of the construction industry and addresses practical approaches to construction labor issues. Spring. (E)

CM 575 Construction Financial Management 3
A study of various techniques used in the construction industry to improve company performance in financial areas. Topics include preparing and using financial statements, calculating revenue, cost and profit and allocating costs to contracts. Fall. (O)

CM 585 Advanced Construction Law 3
Prereq.: CM 515 or permission of instructor. Advanced concepts related to legal doctrine as applied to the construction industry. Focus on contract documents, dispute resolution and case law dealing with contractors, owners and design professionals.

CM 595 Applied Research in Construction Management 3
Prereqs.: TM 594, permission of advisor, and a minimum 3.0 overall GPA. Completion of an advanced special project in construction under the supervision of a faculty member. Requirements include a paper and an oral presentation on the project. CM Applied Research Capstone Plan C. On Demand

CM 596 Topics in Construction Management 3
Topics of interest in the construction management field not currently covered by the construction management curricula. Students may take this course under different topics for a maximum of 9 credits. On-demand.

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