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The Department of Special Education offers two programs leading to a Master of Science in Special Education. In addition, individuals can apply to a post-baccalaureate certification program in special education. The information provided below will acquaint the interested applicant with the various programs offered by the Department of Special Education. However, a planned program of study becomes official only after the student's advisor and the Dean of Graduate Studies signs a completed planned program.


 1. Master of Science in Special Education for Special Educators 

The Department of Special Education offers a master's degree program for teachers who already hold initial, provisional, or professional certification in special education.  This 30-credit degree program consists of courses that allow certified special education teachers to further advance their knowledge and skills in current trends and issues in special education.  The master's program culminates with an action research project that enables the special education teacher to investigate more fully in an area of interest to develop and test new strategies.

2. Master of Science Program for Students With Certification in Other Areas of Education

This program is for teachers with current certification in either elementary or secondary education. There are two strands to this program.
[Strand A] is for currently certified elementary or secondary teachers with initial, provisional, or professional certification who are not seeking a cross endorsement in special education.  Candidates investigate how to enrich their current teaching by studying the characteristics and education of exceptional learners.  In addition, students complete an action research course to enable them to put into practice, in their own classrooms, the skills and techniques they learn from their coursework. 
[Strand B] is for currently certified (Connecticut initial, provisional, or professional certification required) elementary or secondary teachers who are seeking a cross endorsement in special education.  Upon completion of this program, a student can apply to the Connecticut State Department of Education and, through a transcript review, receive a cross endorsement in special education within the same age range as their original teaching certificate.  The capstone (culminating) experience in Strand B is also an action research project in which the student investigates teaching/curriculum development strategies for use with exceptional students.  There are no electives in this 42-43 credit program and the student and his/her advisor must develop a sequence of courses that contains the requirement leading to a cross endorsement in special education.


3. Post-Baccalaureate Certification Program in Special Education

A post baccalaureate certification program is not a master’s degree program. This program is for individuals who, after receiving an undergraduate degree that did not lead to teacher certification (i.e., psychology, sociology, general sciences, human services, mathematics, business, liberal arts, etc.), want to pursue coursework that leads to teacher certification in special education. More

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