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Official Certificate Program


Advanced Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling (OCP 502)

The Advanced Official Certificate Program in Professional Counseling is designed for practicing counselors who already hold a master's degree in counseling and are preparing for state licensure as a Professional Counselor through the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health.  A certificate in advanced graduate work in Professional Counseling is issued upon completion of a combination of any 12 credits of selected 500-level courses, with a grade of B or better, designated for the certificate program.  The Professional and Rehabilitation Counseling program prepares graduates for Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Connecticut.  Candidates for the OCP are responsible for working with the Connecticut Department of Public Health regarding specific required coursework for their LPC eligibility.  Admission criteria for the Advanced Official Certificate Program in Professional Counseling:

  • master's degree in counseling from CCSU's Department of Counseling and Family Therapy;

  • completion of the application process;

  • interview with program faculty;

  • current professional recommendation.

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