Master of Science in Biological Sciences: General Program

30 credits

Program Rationale:
The General Program is for biology and science teachers and all others who wish to expand their background in the broad area of biology or who wish to specialize in a particular aspect of this discipline. Students who as undergraduates majored in areas other than biology may also pursue a master's degree in this program. Other courses may be substituted for the professional education component with the advisor's approval.

The planned program of graduate study will be developed by a student and his or her advisor and will be based upon the student's undergraduate record and educational needs.

Program Learning Outcomes:
Graduate students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge in general biology;
  • describe scientific methodology and conduct experiments;
  • demonstrate a thorough understanding of a specific area of biology;
  • be able to read and comprehend primary literature;
  • deliver effective oral presentations (poster or PowerPoint); and
  • effectively communicate on research in written format.

Course and Capstone Requirements:
Professional Education (6-9 credits):
One of the following:
EDF 500 Contemporary Educational Issues 3
EDF 516 School and Society 3
EDF 524 Foundations of Contemporary Theories of Curriculum 3
EDF 525 History of American Education 3
EDF 538 The Politics of Education 3
EDF 583 Sociological Foundations of Education 3
Additional course(s) as approved by advisor 3
Biology Requirements (4-5 credits):
BIO 500 Seminar in Biology 1-2
BIO 540 Topics in Advanced Biology 3-4
Directed Electives (10-17 credits):
In biology or related fields as approved by advisor
Research (3-6 credits):
Plan A:
BIO 599 Thesis (6 credits)
and thesis defense
BIO 598 Research in Biology 3
BIO 599 Thesis and thesis defense (3 credits)
Plan B:
BIO 598 Research in Biology 3
and comprehensive exam

Note: Additional work, as described in the course syllabi, will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses. Students may take no more than nine credits of 400-level courses.

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