Minor in Social Justice (18 credits)

The minor in Social Justice provides students with a solid background in philosophical concepts and theories of social justice, and fosters skills necessary for critical analysis of social justice issues that arise in contemporary society. (This minor is not open to Philosophy majors).

Philosophical Reasoning - 6 credits

PHIL 221 Introduction to Modern Logic 3
PHIL 290 Philosophical Methods 3

Social Justice Core - 12 credits

PHIL 244 Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Justice 3
PHIL 344 Topics in Philosophy & Social Justice 3

6 credits from the following (other courses may be substituted with the approval of the Department Chair).

PHIL 144 Moral Issues 3
PHIL 211 Global Justice 3
PHIL 222 Philosophy of Gender 3
PHIL 360 African-American Philosophy 3
SOC 212 Gender, Race & Class 3
SOC 240 Sociology of Gender 3
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