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Information on Diversity Programs and Services

Office of Diversity and Equity

The Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) is located in Davidson Hall, room 102. The office reports directly to the President, and is responsible for promoting diversity and fairness.

Responsibilities include the administration of the University’s:

  1. Policies and Procedures
  • Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Sexual Harassment Policy, and
  • Procedures for filing related complaints

Note: These policies and procedures are available on the University’s Office of Diversity and Equity page.

Other responsibilities include the administration of the University’s:

  1. Investigation of internally filed complaints
  2. Monitoring of the employment process (including recruitment, hiring, promotion and training)
  3. Development and implementation of the Affirmative Action Plan
  4. Provision of the ADA reasonable accommodations for employees

State law requires that all employees participate in diversity training and that all those employees with supervisory responsibility participate in the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. Contact the ODE for the training opportunities.

ADA Accommodations

Employees: The Office of Diversity and Equity handles employees’ requests for reasonable accommodations.

Contact Information: Rosa Rodríguez, Chief Diversity Officer at 860-832-1652 to schedule an appointment or at rosa.rodriguez@ccsu.edu

Students: Requests for reasonable accommodations from students are handled by the Office of Student Disability Services.

Contact Information: Natalie Stimpson Byers, Coordinator for Disability Services at 860.832.1900 or byers@ccsu.edu

Ruthe Boyea Women’s Center

The Ruthe Boyea Women's Center provides resources, to advocate, inform, and support personal development. The Center offers a variety of services for and about women. The Center sponsors educational and cultural programs designed to promote gender equity, knowledge of women's rights issues, leadership and independence, and encourages understanding and cooperation among women of varied socio-economic groups, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, races and sexual orientations. The Women’s Center welcomes all women and men.

The Center is located in the Student Center, room 215.

Contact Information: Jacqueline Cobbina-Boivin, Women Center Coordinator at 860-832-1655 or Cobbina-boivinj@ccsu.edu

Other University Programs and Services

Center for Africana Studies

The Center emphasizes the study and the cultures of African peoples both in the Continent of Africa and throughout the world. Further, the Center offers various programs including lectures, conferences, student activities etc. that create a better understanding of African peoples in the wider social, economic, and political systems.

The Center is located in the Marcus White Building (Lower level room 008).

Contact Information: Warren Perry, Ph.D., Co-Director at perryw@ccsu.edu or 860-832-2613, or Sherinatu Fafunwa-Ndibe, Co-Director at fafunwas@ccsu.edu or 860-832-2646

Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Center

The Center for Caribbean and Latin American Studies promotes the understanding and appreciation of the historical, social and cultural lives of Latin American and Caribbean societies, and of Latino in the U.S. through education, community events, study abroad, international exchange, community outreach and research. Because of the importance of the Latino community as one of the largest minority groups in the U.S., the Center as part of the University’s mission of fostering diversity and global awareness plays an important role in providing educational opportunities to Latino students and promoting Latino cultures. The Center organizes educational and cultural activities that aim to increase the recruitment and retention of Latino students.

The Center is located on the main floor of the Elihu Burritt Library.

Contact Information: Francisco Donis, PH.D., Director at 860-832-3108 or donis@ccsu.edu

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center (LGBT)

The LGBT Center provides a safe space that focuses on resources for the campus Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Ally community. The Safe Zone Concept has been adopted by CCSU. The Center offers Safe Zone Training. This program promotes awareness and non-judgmental treatment of sexual minorities. Safe Zone provides safe spaces that are highly visible and easily identifiable to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, where support and understanding is key and where discrimination is not tolerated.

The Center is located in the Student Center, room 305.

Contact Information: Crystal Nieves 860-832-2091 or cnieves@ccsu.edu



Central Connecticut State University
Office of Diversity & Equity and Women Center Staff Responsibilities



Rosa Rodríguez
Chief Diversity Officer (CDO)

Davidson Hall, room 102


  • Manages the University’s programs that promote equity, diversity and equal opportunity including oversight of the affirmative and non discrimination policies and procedures including monitoring of the hiring process
  • Investigates internals complaints alleging a violation of the nondiscrimination and sexual harassment policies
  • Serves as the ADA coordinator
  • Develops and coordinates cultural and educational programming activities


Bonnie Price
Associate to CDO

Davidson Hall, room 102


  • Oversees search process for unclassified positions (Faculty, SOUAF and Management)
  • Investigates complaints alleging violations of the nondiscrimination and harassment policies
  • Assists with the development and implementation of the Affirmative Action Plan
  • Provides advocacy and referrals to other university offices


Jacqueline Cobbina-Boivin
Women Center Coordinator
Student Center, room 215


  • Offers a variety of services for and about women
  • Provides resources, to advocate, inform, and support personal development
  • Sponsors educational and cultural programs designed to promote gender equity, knowledge of women's rights issues, leadership, and independence
  • Provides crisis intervention, advocacy and referral services to victims/survivors of sexual assault


Pamela Soucy
University Assistant

Davidson Hall, room 102

  • Schedules search charges for unclassified positions
  • Manages the calendar for the office
  • Monitors the office budget
  • Maintains office files


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