Our Past

Founded in 1976, the AHS emerged from our realization that conventional mainstream sociology was unresponsive to people, their needs, concerns and values. We came together not out of shared politics or similar "schools" of sociology, but out of a common concern for the real life problems of equality, peace and social justice. We share a commitment to address all facets of the human condition in our scholarship and in our practice, and to make sociology more relevant to human needs.


Our Mission

These are perilous times. Crises confront human beings in the United States and around the globe. Humanist sociologists strive as professionals, as scholars and as activists to uncover and address social issues, working with others to lessen the pain of social problems. We view people not merely as products of social forces, but also as shapers of social life, capable of creating social orders in which everyone's potential can unfold. Difficult times give humanist sociologists opportunities to apply their special skills and perspectives for the purpose of creating a more humane world.

The politics, research and sociological work of AHS members are richly varied. We share the belief that our use of the label 'humanist' does not automatically make our concerns relevant to humanity, or our scholarship more humane. It is our shared commitment to use sociology for people, as well as the larger needs of the planet, which shapes our orientation to humanist sociology.

Our Purpose

We intend to be an active support network for sociologists and other scholars committed to humanist values, as they practice in institutions often hostile to such an approach. We strive to inspire, support, and learn from one another as we make our humanist practice more conscious and skillful. We welcome sociologists, scholars, and activists into our community. Please contact our President or Vice-President for Membership for additional information.




The Association for Humanist Sociology, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(6) organization.

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