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Contact Information 

International Student and 
Scholar Services (ISSS)

Phone: (860) 832 - 2040

Fax: (860) 832 - 2047

Toyin Ayeni
Immigration Specialist

Hoa Do
Immigration Support

Henry Barnard Hall
Room 123

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I pick up my friend’s/relative’s documents?

Unfortunately, CIE does not allow anyone other than the student to pick up their documents.

How long does it take to process my document?

Students are advised to plan ahead, as all paperwork will be processed within two (2) weeks.

Contact Information

Is there an Immigration Advisor to assist me with my questions?

Yes, call 860.832.2040 to schedule an appointment to meet with the Immigration Specialist.

If you are not able to make an appointment, how do I contact the Immigration Specialist?

You can send an email to ayenio@ccsu.edu or call 860.832.2052 to leave a message.

Affidavit of Support

Can I have multiple sponsors?

Yes, you can have more than one sponsor.

Maintaining Legal Status

How do I report change of address?

Fill out a copy of the Change Of Address form and bring to CIE within 10 days of moving from your previous residence.

Who is responsible for maintaining my F-1 student status?

You are solely responsible for maintaining legal status in the United States. It is your duty to always check the expiration date on your Form I-20 (page 1, item #5).

Can an I-20 or DS-2019 form be sent by fax to a student?

 I-20 and DS-2019 forms and other immigration documents cannot be sent via fax.

Extending I-20

How do I extend my Form I-20?

Refer to resources on Form I-20 Extension.

What do I do if my I-20 expires?

Refer to resources on Reinstatement.


Do I need a travel Signature?

Yes, you do. Refer to the Travel Advisory Schedule - Calendar of Events on CIE’s website at www.ccsu.edu/cie.

I am traveling today but did not attend any of the Travel Advisory Workshop?

In the event that a student does not attend the scheduled MANDATORY travel Advisory sessions, and needs to sign their I-20 for travel when the PDSO/DSOs are not available, the signed I-20 will be mailed to the student’s home country address via DHL and the charges placed on the student’s Banner account.

Can I still use my expired visa to travel to Canada, Mexico or one of the islands (except Cuba)?

Yes, please refer to travel to Canada, Mexico and Adjacent Islands.

What do I do if I travel without my I-20 or DS-2019?

If you travel without your I-20 or DS-2019 you will be not allowed back into the United States. Make sure you carry your I-20 or DS-2019 with you whenever you are travelling.

Can I apply for a new visa in a third country?

The recommendation is for you to apply for a Student visa in your home country.

Can I travel outside the U.S. during the “Grace Period”?

No, you will not be allowed back to the United States, if you travel outside the country during the grace period.

Student Visa

Can I renew my visa in the United States?

No, you can only apply for a visa at United States Embassies or Consulates outside the United States.

What do I do if my visa expires while I am studying in the U.S.?

If your visa expires while you are still in the United States studying, it is okay for you to remain in the country. An expired visa does not affect your status in the United States as you only need it at the point of entry to the States. Always make sure you have a valid I-20. You should renew your visa when you travel to your home country during vacation.  Click on traveling outside the United States for more information.

Can I study in the United States on a B1/B2 visa?

No. studying in the United States on a B1/B2 visa is considered unlawful.

Can I study while I have applied for a Change of Status?

No. to be able to start classes you will need an approval notice from USCIS.

Grace Period

How many days of grace do I have to depart the U.S.?

F-1 students have 60 days to depart the country after the completion of their program. J-1 students have 30 days to depart. Grace period does not apply to you if you did not complete your program.


Do I need a letter of invitation from CIE in order to invite my parents for my graduation?

CIE does not write an invitation letter on behalf of parents for graduation, but will give you a “Letter of Good Standing” as part of the documents that they will present at the U.S. Embassy.  The letter can be requested using the International/Exchange Student Request Form.


Can I work on campus?

Refer to On-Campus Employment.

Can I work off Campus?

You need authorization to work off campus. You can work off campus by applying for Curricular Practical TrainingOptional Practical TrainingAcademic Training or Economic Hardship.

What is Curricular Practical Training (CPT)?

It is an off campus work benefit available to F-1 student maintaining legal status, must have completed an academic year (two semesters) and have at least 1 class left to complete their program at CCSU. Refer to Curricular Practical Training for more information.

How do I process Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Extension?

Refer to Curricular Practical Training Extension page.

Do I need authorization to work during CPT?

Yes, you do need authorization on your I-20 from the Immigration Specialist before you can begin work regardless of whether it is paid or unpaid. Remember that working without authorization will jeopardize your immigration status.*

What is Optional Practical Training (OPT)?

It is an off campus work benefit available to F-1 student maintaining legal status who must have completed an academic year (two semesters) at CCSU. You can apply for OPT at any time during your program. Refer to the Optional Practical Training page.

How do I apply for OPT Extension?

Refer to the Optional Practical Training Extension page.

Academic Status

Who do I talk to if I am having academic difficulty?

Call 860.832.2040 to book an appointment to speak with the Immigration Specialist in the CIE to discuss your situation and the options available to you.

Who can I talk to if I am having difficulty adjusting to my new environment?

Call 860.832.2040 to book an appointment to speak with the Immigration Specialist in the CIE to discuss your situation and ways to cope.

Do I need to attend school full-time?

Yes, immigration rules and regulations require students on F-1 Student visa or J-1 Student visa to attend school full time – undergraduates must have 12 credits and graduates must have 9 credits.

How do I change to part-time status in my last semester?

Submit Reduced Course Load form along with Registrar’s Change of Status form to CIE.

Am I required to attend classes during the Summer Break?

No, you are not required to attend classes in the summer.


How do I apply for a Driver’s License?

Refer to DMV checklist.

Can I use my International Driver’s License?

According to Department of Motor Vehicles, you should have a valid Driver’s license from your home country, along with the International Driver’s License/Permit

Social Security Number

Can I apply for a Social Security number?

You can only apply for a Social Security number if you have been offered a job.

How do I apply for a Social Security number?

Take with you, an Employment Verification Form, signed by both your employer and the CIE, and a completed Social Security Application Form, to the Social Security Office closest to you.

What do I need to apply for a Social Security number?

You need to have a job, Employment Verification Form signed by your employer and CIE and a completed Social Security Application Form.


What do I need to transfer from CCSU to another Academic Institution in the United States?

You need to fill out a Transfer Out Form and drop it off at CIE. Your request will be taken care of within 5 business days.

What do I need to transfer to CCSU from another Academic Institution in the United States?

You need to fill out a Transfer In Form and drop it off at CIE. Your request will be taken care of within 5 business days.

What do I need to change my level from IELP to Undergraduate or graduate?

Refer to Change of Level information.

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