Modern Languages


Apply Now
Application forms for SITS 2016 will become available from this page on March 15, 2016.


There is no application deadline. We have rolling enrollment.
It is also possible to apply online and complete the application by sending additional materials via regular mail.

Review of applications will start on March 30, 2016, and will continue until all places are filled.
Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received until all places are filled. 
Applications must be complete before they can be reviewed.

It is advisable to apply early, since spaces have filled very rapidly in the past. 
Space is limited.

This conference will be attended by language teachers, professors, former SITS participants and former participants in the Salamanca Program.

It is advisable to apply early, since space is limited.

Most of the questions on the application form request information about you, your command of the language, your experience as a teacher and the level to which you have pursued your studies.
We want to know who is a teacher and who is a student. That is an important bit of information for us, and it makes a difference on what emphasis we give certain aspects of the Institute.
We also want to know the kind of school where you work, the technology that you have available, and your own level of computer literacy. Again, this is information that will help us plan the Institute better.
Your video-essay is a substantial part of the application, so please work on it carefully. We want to know what your command of Spanish is, as well as your technological skills.
If you are a teacher who is not currently enrolled in our program, we would like to receive a letter from your Principal or supervisor in support of your application.
If you are a graduate student not currently enrolled in our program, we would like to receive a letter from one of your academic supervisors in support of your application.
Finally, your transcript is also substantive information that will help us decide on your application.

Please, be aware that acceptance to the Summer Institute does not constitute admission to the Graduate School. If you want to complete your MA with us, you need to first be accepted into the graduate school, click here for more information.

If you are currently or have been in the recent past a registered graduate student at CCSU, we do not need to receive a transcript or a letter of support.
In brief, your application will not be either approved or rejected on the basis of your working at a bigger or smaller school or one that has better computer access than another.

However, that information is helpful for us in deciding how to organize our teaching material. On the other hand, your command of the language, the kind of support you get from your supervisors, and your grades will be considered closely when deciding on your application.


Follow the instructions below to complete your application:

  1. Download, print, fill out and send this form by regular mail. Once your application is completed and you are accepted to the program, the Bursar will send you an e-bill in the amount indicated on this form.
  2. Create a 1-minute video of yourself. In Spanish, in this video you will describe the Spanish program at your school, explain why you want to do the Summer Institute and whether or not you are planning to continue with a Master Program at this or another institution.
  3. If you currently are or have recently been a student at CCSU, you may ignore this step.
    However, If you have NOT studied in the Department of Modern Languages before, please also send the following additional materials:
    • Transcripts from the institution that granted your highest undergraduate degree, and
    • A letter of support from your school or work supervisor

The calendar for the Summer 2016 is subject to adjustments.

Arrangements can be made for participants who cannot start on time due to an extended school year.