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Masters of Science in Technology Management

Program Description:

The Masters of Science in Technology Management provides students with academic experiences that enable them to develop, shape, change and effectively direct productivity in business and industry. Core program requirements focus on managerial responsibility, human relations and communication processes in organizations, financial analysis, applied research and use of the computer as an industrial tool. Directed electives may include internal marketing strategies, product research, control and development of technical skills, and total quality system management. Graduate study plans in technology are individually designed in consultation with faculty advisers to prepare responsible professionals in the field. The needs and interests of students with established careers as managers are considered, as well as those of individuals who aspire to leadership positions in the industrial sector. The MS Technology Management program offers courses in a wide variety of professional fields such as Electronics, Environmental Health and Safety, Quality, Manufacturing, and Construction. Many of the courses for this degree are offered online.

Career Outcomes:

Typical graduate students in this program have a minimum of two years' work experience related to their field of employment. Job titles of currently enrolled students include: Human Resource Administrator, Engineering Manager, Construction Project Engineer, Quality Manager, Clinical Engineer, Marketing Director, Senior Industrial Engineer, Lean Director, Project Manager, EH&S Professional, and Senior Methods Engineer.

Program Sheet and Program Flowchart:

The Masters of Science in Technology Management

Type of Degree:

The Masters of Science in Technology Management 

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