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9th Annual Northeast Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Competition (2017) Results

The 9th CCSU Regional Mathematics Competition was held on April 22, 2017 at Central Connecticut State University. There were 11 participants, from 5 schools in Massachusetts and Connecticut.


The top three participants received a $100 gift certificate for Barnes and Noble:
1. Yaoqi Guo (Trinity College)
2. Suhas Kodali (Central Connecticut State University)
3. Vasily Ilin (Boston University)

All participants receive a free, one-year student license for Mathematica and one year of WolframAlpha Pro, courtesy of Wolfram Research. We would like to thank Wolfram Research for their generous support.

Individual Scores

All participants can use the three-digit ID that they received on the day of the competition to look up their scores. Each problem was worth 10 points, so the maximum possible score is 60.

184 34
194 14
402 27 
405 13 
406  36 
409 26
412 20
430 21
501 4


List of participants

We would like to thank the following students who participated in the competition!

Zoe Cramer Central Connecticut State University
Anthony D'Amico Southern Connecticut State University
David Diaz Southern Connecticut State University
Sabrina Doolgar Central Connecticut State University
Yaoqi Guo Trinity College
Vasily Ilin Boston University
Suhas Kodali Central Connecticut State University
James Kulowiec Central Connecticut State University
Duy Tang University of Bridgeport
Dat Tan University of Bridgeport
Anonymous (1)  


Problems and Solutions

2017 Problems
2017 Solutions