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day of silenceStarted by, the Day of Silence is an annual campaign to bring awareness to the impact of silence in our communities caused by anti-LGBTQ violence, bullying, homophobia, and harassment.

Join the Day of Silence Campaign @ CCSU today to support a safe and welcoming community for all Blue Devils.

If you'd like to participate in the CCSU DOS come take the pledge & pick up your DOS ACTION KIT on one of the Pledge Days above.

Participants must be able to be Visible & Silent on Thursday April 17th on campus.

* Students with classes and practices should inform their coaches and teachers ahead of time.

If you can't take the pledge stop by the table for a DOS Support kit.

The DAY of SILENCE will occur throughout the day from 9am - 4pm on April 17th.

Stop by the DOS Action Table @ the Student Center Lobby 10am - 4pm & take your photo for our social media campaign 

We will join together at 4:00pm in Semesters for a Breaking Silence the Rally.




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