Information Technology Department


IT Announcement - 3/22/2018



Sunday Maintenance Reminder

Every Sunday from 12:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. all systems (e-mail, Banner, wireless, etc.) will be intermittently unavailable while important maintenance and updates are performed.


Weekly Maintenance – Reminder

Please log off your computer when leaving for the day every Thursday, but do not power it off.  This will allow updates to be sent down to your computer on Friday after 12:00am.  If you turn your computer off and leave it off overnight on Thursday, shortly after turning it back on, your computer will restart in order to install and apply any updates. If you leave your computer logged in Thursday night into Friday, you may lose any unsaved data you were working on when the computer restarts. 


Early Registration & Banner Job Submissions -

April 5th through April 20th

Registration for the Fall 2018 semester begins Friday, April 5th  and is open through Friday, April 20th.  To ensure that registration isn’t negatively impacted for students, Information Technology is reminding all Banner users to execute large Banner Job Submission processes during off-peak periods, prior to 7:00am and after 2:30pm.  Any large Banner Job Submission process running during peak periods and interfering with Banner performance will be stopped without notification.  Your cooperation to privilege the registration process during the April 5-20 timeframe is necessary to safeguard that registration goes smoothly for students. 


Access to Banner INB, Hyperion Reporting, WebNow and Custom Applications Has Changed

There is a new process for accessing Banner INB, Hyperion Reporting, WebNow and custom applications.  Effective Monday March 19, these systems are only accessible through the secure Citrix environment called the “Secure Enclave.”  The Secure Enclave requires two factor authentication.  For more information, please click here.


Identity Finder is now “Spirion”

  • Identity Finder has been rebranded to “Spirion.”  Soon the icon will change on Windows computers.The functionality will remain the same.
  • Automatic Scanning on Part-time Computers. Computers configured for part-time staff (if the computer name contains a middle prefix of PT, DL, GL and GD) will be automatically scanned with Spirion every month.


Ready for Windows 10 on your Office Computer?

We hope so! The new image we are installing has a much faster login process and is faster overall. It includes Office 2016 as well as enhanced security features like an encrypted hard drive and mapped network drives for laptops.  To request a reimage to Windows 10, please complete the Windows Reimage Service Request form.


IT Service Request System

Requests for new services such as a loaner laptop, a new netshare for coursework, a computer upgrade or computer reimage can be requested any time, online, no need to call the Help Desk! 

From the IT homepage choose “Access and Request Forms.”  Or to see a complete list of services that can be requested online, visit and login with your Bluenet credentials (you may need to prefix your username with ccsu_comp_srv\).


Voice and/or Web Conferencing

If you are in need of hosting a voice only or web conference, there are several options available:

  • VoIP phone – a voice only conference may be done via the phone in your office. Refer to the VoIP user guide for your phone for instructions.
  • WebEx – using this method, you may host a voice only conference OR a web conference. Visit the WebEx information page for instructions.

Skype for Business – using this method, you may host a web conference. Visit the Skype for Business information page for instructions. 


Security Newsletter

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