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IT Announcement - 7/10/2017


Sunday Maintenance Reminder

Every Sunday from 12:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. all systems (e-mail, Banner, wireless, etc.) will be intermittently unavailable while important maintenance and updates are performed.


Weekly Maintenance – Reminder

Please log off your computer when leaving for the day every Thursday, but do not power it off.  This will allow updates to be sent down to your computer on Friday after 12:00am.  If you turn your computer off and leave it off overnight on Thursday, shortly after turning it back on, your computer will restart in order to install and apply any updates. If you leave your computer logged in Thursday night into Friday, you may lose any unsaved data you were working on when the computer restarts. 


Cylance Anti-Virus

The IT Department has completed the initial implementation of Cylance. 

Mac users - If your computer still has McAfee and not Cylance, please contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

Windows users – If your computer still has McAfee and not Cylance, the next time you connect your computer to the campus network, the upgrade will automatically initiate and will require a reboot.

To read more about Cylance, visit


WebEx Update – New CCSU WebEx Site Now Available

The WebEx site managed by the Board of Regents (BOR) IT department will be decommissioned as of July 1st. CCSU now has its own WebEx site, .  BOR WebEx accounts are not being automatically transferred to our site, therefore all WebEx users will need to request a new account on our site. We have set up a self-service account request process where you sign up online and will receive automated emails with instructions for activating your account and setting a password. For more information and to request your CCSU WebEx account, visit the Web Conferencing (WebEx)information page.


Eduroam Wireless Network

Eduroam (educational roaming) is a secure, worldwide roaming wireless access service developed for, and used by, the international research and education community. This reciprocal global authentication system enables CCSU students, faculty, and staff to securely access the eduroam wireless network at more than 6,000 participating locations worldwide. Additionally, visitors from any participating eduroam institution are able to securely connect to the eduroam wireless network at CCSU campus locations using their own credentials. On Friday, May 26th we will begin broadcasting the eduroam wireless network on campus for use by visitors from participating institutions. You may connect to the eduroam wireless network while on campus for the purpose of setting it up for use when you visit participating institutions. After the initial set up, we recommend that you then connect back to the CCSU-BLUENET wireless network which is our secure network for faculty, staff, and students, allowing you more access to campus resources than you would get through the eduroam wireless. For more information and detailed instructions on how to complete the initial set up, review the Eduroam Wireless entry in our IT Service Catalog.


Windows 10 Roll-out Update

The Information Technology Department has begun upgrading classroom computers to Windows 10!  

If you still have applications that need to be installed in the classroom for the fall, please fill out the Software Installation Request for Classrooms/Labs form.  Minimum lead time is three weeks so please get any requests in soon.

Going forward, all new computers and reimages will be loaded with Windows 10.


Windows 10 Available for Home Use

Windows 10 is available for download for a nominal price via This is the method we used prior to Office365.  You may need to register before purchasing and downloading software using your CCSU email address. 

Caveat: This online store offers other software for sale that we already have licensing for so please also check see if we have the software available for free.


Telecommunication Needs During Summer Months

As summer is a busy season for Telecommunications, please submit a service request using Information Technology’s Service Request portal for any of the following:  new service, changes to existing service or service disconnects.  Service Requests may be found on the Telecommunications website. Please note that there is no form for a telephone move.  When the computer is moved, ask that the phone set be moved at the same time. To move a computer and phone, use the IT Service Request “Computer or IT Equipment Move/Return Request”.  If a phone is being moved to another building, please notify the IT Help Desk by calling 611 or x21720 so that location information for E911 is updated.  Any service request received after Friday, August 11 cannot be guaranteed to be completed before the semester begins.



Security Newsletter

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