Information Technology Department


IT Announcement - 8/19/2016


Sunday Maintenance Reminder

Every Sunday from 12am until 12pm all Systems (e-mail, Banner, wireless, etc.) will be intermittently unavailable while important maintenance and updates are performed.


Weekly Maintenance – Reminder

Please log off your computer when leaving for the day every Thursday, but do not power it off.  This will allow updates to be sent down to your computer on Friday after 12:00am.  If you turn your computer off and leave it off overnight on Thursday, shortly after turning it back on, your computer will restart in order to install and apply any updates. If you leave your computer logged in Thursday night into Friday, you may lose any unsaved data you were working on when the computer restarts. 


New Phone System

The cutover to the new phone system is well under way.  Visit our VOIP information page for more information and updates. 

Please register for a training class using the training registration calendar. All training sessions are open to the entire campus.  Sessions are 75 minutes long.


OUCH!  - Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter

Courtesy of, 

Click here to view this month’s newsletter. This edition has a good article on CEO Fraud.


Telephone System Upgrade, Sunday August 21

On Sunday, August 21, 2016 beginning shortly after midnight, an upgrade to the VoIP phone system will take place.  The expected duration of the upgrade is 10 hours.  During that time, there will be minor disruptions to the VoIP phones which will cause them to reboot multiple times.  We expect the impact to be minor and the disruption minimal. 


Classroom Software Installation Requests

Requests for software installation in a classroom or lab are required to be submitted at least three weeks in advance. This timeframe gives IT a chance to thoroughly evaluate the software in order to assure it will work well in our environment. To request software installation in a classroom or lab, please complete the Software Installation Request for Classrooms & Labs form. You may be need to preface your Bluenet username with ccsu_comp_srv\.


Classroom Technology Updates

Technology in many classrooms around campus  are being upgraded this summer, mostly in Davidson, Welte, Kaiser and Maria Sanford halls. Upgrades include the new Crestron control systems with a touch panel controller, a new 16:9 computer monitor, HDMI input for portable devices, digital document cameras and wooden teaching lecterns.  In the new lecterns, the document camera is located in the pull out drawer and instructions are located on the lectern. 

We will be offering training opportunities closer to the start of the semester as additional rooms are ready for use. Faculty, especially those teaching in Davidson, Kaiser and Welte are invited to attend and learn about the new instructor workstations. 


Blackboard Learn - Getting Ready for Fall

Prepping your course:  We have put together a Blackboard Learn “Prepping your Course” information sheet and are offering workshops.

Course Merges: Please keep in mind that course merges (combining of Blackboard Learn sections) should be requested before the semester begins.  Please submit your merge request for Fall 2016 as soon as possible.


Come Join Us For Workshops!

Register today to attend workshops on Blackboard Learn or Microsoft Office 2013. We offer a variety of topics.


Training Opportunities

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one workshop for Blackboard Learn, Office 2013 or Office 365, please contact the Instructional Design and Technology Resource Center at


New to Office 365 or Microsoft Office 2013?  Please visit our Office 365 support page.


SSN Protection in Email

Information Technology will be implementing a new security feature called DLP (Data Loss Prevention) that should notify you if DCL3 data such as social security numbers are being sent or received via email.  The body of the notification will look like this:


The CCSU email system has flagged this email as possibly containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as a Social Security Number (SSN) or driver’s license number. If the system made a mistake in identifying the information as PII, please ignore this message.

If there is PII/DCL3 data and you are a CCSU employee, please remediate the data immediately. CCSU employees are NOT to store, forward, or copy PII/DCL3 data in their email.

Please refer to:
// for information on storing and transmitting DCL3 data.

While no solution is foolproof, this should help to lessen the amount of sensitive data being transmitted via e-mail.