Information Technology Department


IT Announcement - 3/17/2016


Sunday Maintenance Reminder

Every Sunday from 12am until 12pm all Systems (e-mail, Banner, wireless, etc.) will be intermittently unavailable while important maintenance and updates are performed.


Weekly Maintenance – Reminder            

Please log off your computer when leaving for the day every Thursday, but do not power it off.  This will allow updates to be sent down to your computer on Friday after 12:00am.  If you turn your computer off and leave it off overnight on Thursday, shortly after turning it back on, your computer will restart in order to install and apply any updates. If you leave your computer logged in Thursday night into Friday, you may lose any unsaved data you were working on when the computer restarts.

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Netshare Maintenance – Saturday March 19 at 10pm

Significant maintenance will be performed on the University netshare (M:\, S:\, etc.) starting at 10pm.  Please make sure to save and close all files prior to 10pm on Saturday that are stored on a netshare.  After 10pm, netshare access will be intermittent until the update is complete.  The update should be complete by noon on Sunday.

Reminder for Web Editors: Please follow the instructions for editing your website.  Direct access to webserver files will be restricted after this update.


Network Maintenance – Spring Break

The following buildings will undergo network maintenance during spring break:


  • Monday, 3/21 – 3rd  floor Maria Sanford,  most of the day from 8am-3pm
  • Tuesday 3/22 – 1st floor Maria Sanford – should have no impact
  • Thursday 3/24 – Kaiser Hall, all day
  • Friday 3/25 – Davidson Hall, all day


There will be no network connectivity during this outage.

It may be necessary to reboot or restart computers and network printers after the outage.


Mac PowerPoint 2016 – Issue with Saving to Network Drives

There is currently an issue with saving PowerPoint 2016 files (Mac) to the network drives (M:/, S:/, etc). If these files are saved on a network drive and a change is made, it will corrupt the file. We strongly recommend that you copy any PowerPoint files to your local hard or a flash drive to use them or work on them. Another work around is to use Keynote. We are investigating a permanent fix for this issue.


Training Opportunities!

  • Bb Learn and Midterm Grades -Have you considered using the grade center to configure a midterm grade for your students?  Register for a training session to learn how!


  • Spring Break is just around the corner - March 21–27! The IDTRC will be offering Blackboard Learn and MS Office 365/Office 2013 workshops all week long.  Please sign up today for one or more our workshops


  • Want to know more about Office 365/Microsoft Office 2013? We have basic and intermediate workshops scheduled to help you enhance your current skills on the Office family of products.  Please sign-up today to attend a workshop!



  • Monday, 3/21 - 3rd floor Maria Sanford,  most of the day from 8am-3pm



Web Page Blocked Issue

If you encounter the message below, please click the click on the Palo Alto Networks link and report the site directly to Palo Alto.  This is safe to do. Palo Alto investigates relatively quickly and unblocks the site if they find that it is a safe site. If the site is not unblocked within 24 hours, please contact the IT Help Desk for further assistance.