Information Technology Department


IT Announcement - 1/28/2016


Sunday Maintenance Reminder

Every Sunday from 12am until 12pm all Systems (e-mail, Banner, wireless, etc.) will be intermittently unavailable while important maintenance and updates are performed.


Weekly Maintenance – Reminder            

Please log off your computer when leaving for the day every Thursday, but do not power it off.  This will allow updates to be sent down to your computer on Friday after 12:00am.  If you turn your computer off and leave it off overnight on Thursday, shortly after turning it back on, your computer will restart in order to install and apply any updates. If you leave your computer logged in Thursday night into Friday, you may lose any unsaved data you were working on when the computer restarts.


OUCH!  - Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter

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Blackboard Learn Upgrade & Training

On December 24-25 Blackboard Learn was upgraded. For a complete list of new features log in to Blackboard Learn and on the My Courses Tab you will see a list of new features with links to documentation and videos.  You can also find the information on the Blackboard Documentation Library page or register for a workshop!


Bing Maps Add-in for Outlook

With the new email system, there are many new bells and whistles.  One recently brought to our attention was the Bing Maps add-in for Outlook.  By default, this is enabled.  If you’d like to disable it or any of the other add-ins, please follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to and log in using your email address and BlueNet password.
  2. Click on the Settings button and choose “Manage Add-ins.”
  3. Use the check boxes to turn on and off the add-ins.


Missing Shared Email or Calendar

If you are missing a shared email or calendar, please email by Friday, February 5 with the name of the shared resource for further investigation.


New to Microsoft Office 2013?

We have multiple workshops available to learn the basics or to enhance your current skills on the Office family of products.  Please sign-up today to attend a workshop!


Document Camera Training

Many classrooms are equipped with a  document camera.  This device has many uses and can be used instead of the older overhead projectors.  The Media Center is available to provide training on classroom technology!  Please click here to request training.  The training can be coordinated to take place in your classroom based on classroom availability.


All About Office 365 at CCSU

A new webpage was recently developed to help with the transition to the new platform.  Here is the direct link which will also be available from the IT home page and Service Catalog: //