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Angela Davis at CCSU



April 24, 2008

Race, Class and Gender Issues in American Society

Angela Davis is an American socialist organizer who associated with the Black Panther Party and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. She first achieved nationwide notoriety when she was linked to the murder of Judge Harold Haley during an attempted Black Panther prison break; she fled underground, and was the subject of an intense manhunt. She was eventually captured, arrested, tried, and then acquitted in one of the most famous trials in recent U.S. History. She is currently a Professor of History of Consciousness at the University of California.

"Are Prisons Obsolete?"

As presented by Ms. Davis and discussed by following current and former CT policy makers and practitioners: Rep. William Dyson, New Haven - former Appropriations Committee Chair and longtime prisoner re-entry advocate; Atty. Gerard Smyth - former CT Chief Public Defender and current CCSU adjunct professor and staff member of the Gov. William A. O'Neill Endowed Chair; Maureen Price-Boreland, Executive Director of Community Partners in Action (formerly the CT Prison Association); and James Tillman (recently exonerated after serving 18 1/2 years in CT prisons on a rape and kidnapping conviction).

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