Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP)




 Recent Events

June 14, 2017                                                               Reimagining Justice: An Evening Reception

                                    Innovative intersections between the justice system and state and private institutions of higher education in CT


January 5, 2016                                                                       Building Bridges Refocused:

                                                                              Setting a course for re-entry in a second chance society


January 5, 2014                                                                       Building Bridges Revisited:

                                                           A decade of CT Re-entry policy explored and challenged with an eye to the future


 Past Events


March 18, 2010                                                     Why Drugs Matter: The impact of drug policy on Connecticut's Economy


February 1, 2010                                                   Building Bridges V: Children of incarcerated parents


April 1, 2009                                                          HartBeat: Drug policy civic theater project


January 5, 2008                                                    Drug Policy Conference: Evidence based drug policies within out state


January 17, 2008                                                  Building Bridges III: An examination of Connecticut's Re-Entry Policy


March 8, 2008                                                       Building Bridges IV: Women, prison and the arts 


April 24, 2008                                                        Angela Davis at CCSU: Race, class and gender issues in American society


September-November 2008                                  Lunchtime Speaker Series: Current topics in criminal justice


 November 18, 2008                                              Governor's Summit on Violence: Preventing urban youth violence through creative solutions


January 29, 2007                                                  Transit-Oriented Development: Take Advantage of Transit-Oriented Development


February 1, 2007                                                   Time In: Incarcerated Women's Experiences Through Performance Arts


January 12, 2006                                                  Building Bridges II: A continuing discussion on Connecticut's justice reinvestment initiative


October 1, 2004                                                    Shaping Tax Reform: Shaping state and local tax reform in Connecticut