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Project Highlight - On the Outside

Life on Parole, produced in Connecticut with the cooperation of the Department of Corrections and in collaboration with the New York Times, follows several former prisoners released on parole, showing in stark detail the punitive rules under which they live. For more than a year, "Frontline" and The New York Times followed newly released prisoners as they tried to find homes and jobs, reconnect with loved ones and avoid temptation, sometimes discovering that the system created to help them can also hold them back. Click here for project background, publications, and way to get involved.

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Our mission is to effectively inspire and sustain a just, equitable, and inclusive Connecticut through independent research and evaluation, public policy analysis and development, and community engagement.


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Event Spotlight


Save the Date

The Connecticut Sentencing Commission held a symposium on pretrial release and detention on October 19, 2017. The theme of the symposium was "Pretrial Justice: Legal and Evidence-Based Practices." Distinguished speakers presented research on state and national pretrial issues, including risk assessment, pretrial release and detention, consequences of pretrial incarceration, legal challenges to pretrial practices across the nation, risk management, and the use of preventive detention. Click here to see the full event.

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