Central Connecticut State University History DepartmentCentral Connecticut State University - History Department

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Plan for the History Department


Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

  1. To cultivate historical awareness

  2. To critically think, read, and write about the past

  3. To develop an argument based on use of primary and secondary sources

  4. To demonstrate awareness of interpretive differences


Assessment Plan for 2017-2019, Undergraduate BA and BSED

100-200 Level Classes
To cultivate historical awareness (the ability to order events in proper chronological order and, thus, display understanding of historical cause and effect)

300-400 Level Classes
To critically think, read, and write about the past


Core expectations 

  1. Skillfully interprets primary sources
  2. Displays command of content knowledge
  3. Crafts convincing thesis and supporting arguments
  4. Writes with care