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MA History versus an MA in Public History    

Students choosing an MA in History or an MA in Public History will find themselves working closely with students in the other MA track. 

All students are required to take

  • HIST 501: The Professional Historian (3 credits)
  • HIST 502: Historiography (3 credits)

Each of these courses is designed to meet the needs of the two tracks and explore how the fields compare and contrast.  MA students also have the opportunity to take Public History courses to satisfy credit requirements.  MA in Public History students are required to take credits in non-Public History graduate courses.

Two of the key differences between the programs

  • No internship is required for MA History students.  An internship is required for MA Public History students.
  • MA History students complete a traditional thesis rather than a capstone project, which is required of MA Public History students.

Ultimately, prospective students must make their own determinations regarding which track will best meet their professional goals.  Both tracks requirement research and writing skills.  The MA in History generally requires more “traditional” academic research to complete the MA thesis.  

The MA in Public History is designed for those seeking to work professionally outside of traditional academia.

Both tracks are outstanding opportunities for teachers seeking a graduate degree.  The traditional MA offers opportunities to engage in original research and writing, while the MA in Public History will allow teachers to better understand the state of Connecticut and the many amazing historical institutions here.