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MA in History at CCSU

The MA in History at CCSU provides students a solid, engaging, and rigorous experience in professional history.  Some of our students go on to doctoral programs, some go into the law, others are teachers seeking an engaging field of study to expand their knowledge and meet state continuing education requirements.  Whatever our students’ goals, they are admirably achieved with the help of CCSU faculty.


Inside Connecticut Civil War book cover

Inside Connecticut Civil War Authors

CCSU Professor of History Matthew Warshauer ’90 and eight history alumni have produced a collection of essays: Inside Connecticut and the Civil War: Essays on One State’s Struggles, edited by Warshauer and published by Wesleyan University Press. Contributors include (top row, l-r): David C. W. Batch MA ’12; Todd Jones BA ’08; Warshauer; James E. Brown; Michael Sturges BS ’05, MA ’13; (bottom row, l-r): Michael Conlin BA ’01; Emily E. Gifford MA ’11; Carol Patterson-Martineau MA ’13; Luke G. Boyd MA ’13; and (not pictured) Diana Moraco MA ’10.


With faculty who possess expertise in a broad array of historical fields, students have an opportunity to choose their area of interest and work with a highly regarded professional.  We ask students to think about this early on so that we can pair them with the right faculty member.  This helps to individualize a students’ studies.  Please see faculty profiles, listed under “Outstanding Faculty” to get a clear understanding of our wide-ranging expertise.  Please feel free to contact any of our faculty to ask about working with them.


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For more information on the MA in History Program contact:

Dr. Louise Williams

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Dr. Matthew Warshauer

MA Coordinator