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What do our MA in History students say about the CCSU History Department?


Graduate Students


“My life is immersed in the humanities, thanks to my history degrees from CCSU. I received my Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education in 2005 and my Master of Arts in History in 2010. Although I did not pursue a career as a teacher, the skills I acquired through both of my degrees set me up for a successful career in public humanities. I am currently a Program Officer of Public Humanities Programs at Connecticut Humanities, our state’s non-profit humanities council. I run programs for the Connecticut Center for the Book, the Connecticut state affiliate to the Library of Congress’ Center for the Book. Each day I put my critical thinking, researching, writing and public speaking skills to use in order to assure access to the written and spoken word for the citizens of Connecticut. These are skills I honed through the rigor and content of my classes at CCSU, but mostly through the support of the remarkable staff of the History Department.”

CT HumanitiesAmanda Roy, BSED 2005, MA 2010

Program Officer
Connecticut Humanities

“The CCSU History Department not only trained me to be a better historian, it introduced me to some great people!  The professors were and are top notch.  I have no doubt that my MA in history from CCSU helped me start a second career at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs!”

Andrew Mallory, Sr. MA, 2008

“After graduating from the University of Belgrade I followed my academic interests in U.S. history as a graduate student at Central Connecticut State University. As a recent immigrant to the U.S., this program offered a wonderful opportunity to study U.S. history and gain invaluable professional and personal contacts within academia.  I dedicated many of my research projects to an array of topics focusing on the political, intellectual, social and cultural history of the United States and Europe. I focused on the local topics that demonstrated important signs of wider, underlying patterns of U.S. history. I have written about the Colt Factory strike in 1935, Civil War propaganda in Connecticut, the state’s cholera epidemic of 1832, and the biography of Civil War general, journalist and statesman Joseph R. Hawley, which was published in Connecticut History in 2011.  This year [2013] I was accepted into a doctoral program in history at George Washington University. The CCSU graduate program in history prepared me not only for this important initial step, but also strengthened my abilities for advanced study in history.”

Milorad Lazic MA 2012 

“Earning my MA in U.S. History from CCSU has helped me become a better teacher.  While teaching both high school English and Social Studies, my students receive a more diverse and enriched curriculum due to the content knowledge and appreciation of history that I gained during my studies at CCSU.  Having the opportunity and ability to share the significant relationships between our nation’s literature and its history has elevated the engagement and rigor of my classroom.  My growth as a teacher is most certainly attributed to the varied and challenging coursework and professors I encountered during my time at CCSU.”

David C.W. Batch, MA 2013

Teacher, Howell Cheney Technical High School