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MA History Program Requirements

The MA in History requires 30 credits hours (ten courses, which includes 6 hours of thesis work).

Students entering the program will work with their assigned advisor to create a planned program of study tailored to their interests and goals.

Program requirements include:

  •      HIST 501: The Professional Historian (3 credits)
  •      HIST 502: Historiography (3 credits)
  •      500-level courses in History (12 credits – 4 courses)
  •      Electives in history or related fields (6 credits – 2 courses)
  •      HIST 599: Thesis (6 credits)
  •      No more than 6 credits may be taken in History 495 (special topics courses approved by the Graduate School)

MA in History candidates are required to demonstrate foreign language translation skills related to their field of interest.  With the approval of the MA advisor this requirement may be waived or another skill may be substituted.  

Admissions Requirements


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