Graduate Student Association


Graduate Student Association Funding for Conference/ Research Scholarships and Graduate Society Budgets

The Graduate Student Association provides scholarships to Graduate students who want to attend professional conferences or complete research. The purposes of these scholarships are to help subsidize the cost of the professional development or research done by graduate students in support of their education. Graduate Societies may also apply for funds from the GSA.

All Scholarship Applications or Society Budget Requests can be dropped off at the Graduate School Office in Henry Barnard Hall, Room 102.

Graduate Student Conference/Research Scholarship Requests

  • In order to receive a scholarship from the GSA, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be matriculated in a Graduate program.

  • The below application will require you to submit an unofficial transcript to confirm your GPA. All personal information will remain confidential with the Graduate Student Association Vice President of Finance.

  • Graduate students are allowed up to three scholarships (any combination of research/conference per Graduate degree).

  • The GSA looks to fund those scholarships that benefit graduate students in their program of study and the campus as a whole.


Apply Online

  • Obtain and fill out a Graduate Student Association Conference and Research Scholarship Request form. Forms can be obtained from the Graduate Studies Office, Barnard Hall 102 or the following link: Conference/Research Application

  • Please complete the form in its entirety and attach any additional documents which would offer more information to your request (i.e. travel, lodging, registration etc.)

  • Return the request form to the Graduate Studies Office, Barnard Hall 102.

  • The GSA does not facilitate reimbursement for prior conference attendance.

  • Be sure to include contact information, including an email address or phone number for any questions that may arise during the review of your application.

  • Upon review of your application by the GSA Board, your application will be reviewed by the CCSU Scholarship Committee. The Vice President of Finance will contact you via email to discuss the approval status of your application within a week of the CCSU Scholarship Committee meeting.

  • Please allow at least 45 days from submission of application for approval.

  • If your request is approved, the award is posted to your student pipeline account and then a check will be mailed to you.

  • NOTE: If you are a student who utilizes direct deposit for your return of excess funds via the Bursar’s Office, your funds will be posted directly to your bank account


The GSA reviews scholarship applications during the fall and spring semesters. These deadlines correspond with the University’s scholarship distribution process. Any application submitted after the deadline risks not receiving funds until the following academic term. 
Fall: Friday,  September 29, 2017
Spring: Friday, January 26, 2018

Graduate Student Society Budget Requests


Apply Online

  • Upon submission of the budget request, the GSA Executive Board will review and vote on the application. The Executive Board will reach out to the Society if there are any questions or concerns.

  • The Vice President of Finance will reach out to the Society to inform them of their request status.

  • Please allow at least 45 days from submission of application for approval