Degree Programs Offered

Our degrees are designed to prepare individuals for careers and/or graduate school in the specific fields of Geology and Earth Science. Emphasis is placed on problem solving, practical application of basic principles, field-based experiences, and observation and interpretation of natural processes on and within the Earth, the solar system and the universe. The CCSU Geological Sciences program provides students two options to specialize in the Earth Sciences. Both specializations include 36 credits, with common core courses of Dynamic Earth or Environmental Geoscience, Earth and Life History, Field Methods, Research and Report Writing in Earth Sciences, and a capstone experience consisting of either a Senior project, Internship, or in the Geology specialization, a Field Camp experience. In addition, each specialization requires 24 credits of coursework in Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus for a total of 60 credits.

The Earth Science Specialization is designed for students planning careers such as environmental geoscience, museum/planetarium management, astronomy, planetary science, and science journalism. Students interested in focusing in astronomy should contact either Dr. Kris Larsen(Astronomy) or Dr. Jen Piatek (Planetary Sciences). Students interested in environmental geoscience should contact Dr. Yinka Oyewumi.

The more specific Geology Specialization will prepare students for careers with government agencies (e.g. geological surveys and environmental protection agencies), nongovernment organizations (e.g. museums), and geotechnical, environmental, mining, and energy industries. In addition, students will be prepared for graduate-level studies in geology or related fields.

The CCSU Science Education program, along with other science departments, coordinates the teacher preparation programs at the University. Our graduates teach in schools throughout New England. Our programs include undergraduate BSED degrees, post-Baccalaureate certification, and a Master of Science degree specializing in STEM Education. Interested students should contact Dr. Marsha Bednarski or Dr. Jeff Thomas.

Students may also earn minors in Astrobiology, Astronomy, Earth Science, or Geology.