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A University traveler is normally not entitled to lodging when travel distance is less than fifty miles one way. Exceptions to this policy will be at the discretion of the appropriate senior manager (Vice President/Chief or above) after reviewing and approving the justification provided by the traveler. If the justification is not sufficient, the appropriate senior manager will secure any required additional information and add it to the request.

Lodging costs may be reimbursed at the single room rate up to the actual amount incurred by the traveler. The traveler should make every effort to obtain the lowest-cost lodging possible. In general, all lodging should be booked through the current State Travel Agent. In the case of a conference, each university may choose to permit the employee to stay at the conference hotel instead of seeking the lowest rate available.

All claims for lodging, with or without meals, must be supported by:

  • an original receipt or 

  • a receipt faxed directly to the Travel Office by the hotel (fax (860) 832-2522).

All receipts must be itemized to show the date and amount expended, a zero balance and the traveler's name. if a zero balance is not shown, the credit card receipt along with the original lodging receipt will be acceptable proof of payment. In the case of athletic team travel, it is required that a list of names of those who occupy the rooms be attached the to receipt(s), if they are not shown on the receipt(s) itself. 

Under no circumstances will lodging be paid for a guest or spouse unless they are also traveling on approved University business.

Lodging is paid as a reimbursement and is, therefore, not considered reportable wages. (This pertains also to transportation, registration fees, parking charges, mileage, tolls and telephone charges.)

If an employee stays with friends or relatives while on official state business, no cost for lodging is allowed, whether or not any payment of lodging is made to the friend or relative