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Reimbursement of Travel and Meal Expenses for Candidate Searches

Candidate Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Per Connecticut State University Board of Trustees Policy Resolution #08-34, all offers to candidates to pay full or partial travel expenses shall be approved by the University President or designee. Central Connecticut State University may reimburse out-of-state and in state candidates, who are deemed to be a finalist for any unclassified position, to cover full or partial travel expenses within available funds. Reimbursement is limited to travel, lodging, and candidate meals.

Please note there is a limited pool of funds allocated for reimbursement of travel expenses for  candidate searches. Based on the availability of funds and actual expenses, the University may reimburse a maximum of $3,200 per search for up to three candidates with any one single candidate not to receive reimbursement in excess of $1,600.

Expenses that exceed the $3,200 maximum per search or exceed the maximum number of candidates (3), and those that exceed the single limit search amount of $1,600 may be reimbursed from the department's own budget, or the costs may be at the candidates' own expense.

Travel, lodging and meal expenses for Administrative, Academic, and Athletic Coach Candidate Searches are to be charged to the following accounts:

Administrative Position Searches - Banner Index BSRV07

Athletic Coach Position Searches - Banner Index BSRV07

Academic Position Searches - Banner Index ACAF06


  • Airline/Rail: Reimbursement is limited to coach class.

  • Automobile: Reimbursement for the use of a private automobile will be at the current GSA rate.  Mileage from point-to-point will be determined through the use of Mapquest (  This amount may not exceed the cost of coach airfare.

  • Airport Transportation: Taxi/limousine transportation to and from the airport is allowed, provided it is reasonable.  Reasonable tips will be reimbursed. Use of a rental vehicle may be considered but reimbursement is limited to standard/midsize rental.

  • Other: Parking and toll charges are reimbursable with a paid receipt.

Reimbursement is limited to the single room rate up to the actual amount incurred by the candidate.  All claims for lodging must be supported by an original itemized receipt showing a zero balance, or in lieu of a zero balance, the original credit card receipt.

Reimbursement for meals will be based on the Federal GSA per Diem rates for Hartford County.  Currently the candidates' own meals may be reimbursed up to $54 per day ($12 for breakfast, $13 for lunch, and $24 for dinner). Tips for meals are included in this daily allowance.

All meals provided through the University's - Food Service must be requested in advance through Sodexo. If the candidate is provided meals through Sodexo, the meal allowance must be prorated as noted above. 

Off-campus meals with Search Committees will not be reimbursed, unless there are extenuating circumstances and prior approval is received from the Director of Business Services or designee.

Documentation and Submission
All original receipts must be attached to the travel expense voucher, including passenger portion of airline, rail and bus tickets. The voucher and all original receipts must be submitted to the Travel Department within 30 days after completion of the trip. Any claims submitted after the 30-day period will be returned without reimbursement.

Questions regarding the candidate reimbursements may be directed to Margaret Nowicki x22549 or

Revised 11/19/2018