Business Minor with Finance as a functional area (for non-business majors)

The minor in business with finance as a functional area provides students who are not majoring in business with a valuable chance to enhance their career prospects through developing a solid knowledge and understanding of key financial concepts, financial management strategies, and valuation methods. This minor offers students advanced training in the financial tools that are required to conduct benefit analysis and make sound business and financial management decisions. Students will be provided with a chance to practice applying their problem-managing and quantitative skills in a practical setting; valuable learning experiences that they otherwise may not have access to without this minor. To finish with a minor in business with finance as a functional, students are required to complete 18 credits. These are as follows:

Lower-division common business core (9 Credit Hours)
Three courses identified by the student's School of Business faculty advisor and approved before taking these classes. Possible courses include
AC 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting, 3 credits
AC 212 Introduction to Managerial Accounting, 3 credits
FIN 295 Managerial Finance, 3 credits
LAW 250 Legal Environment of Business, 3 credits
MGT 295 Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior, 3 credits
MIS 201 Introduction to Management Information Systems, 3 credits
MKT 295 Fundamentals of Marketing, 3 credits
Total Credit Hours: 9

Upper-division Finance functional area (9 Credit Hours)
Three Finance courses. These courses must be approved by a School of Business faculty advisor before the courses are taken. Possible courses include
FIN 301 Intermediate Managerial Finance, 3 credits
FIN 310 Principles of Investments, 3 credits
FIN 320 Financial Markets and Institutions, 3 credits
FIN 330 International Finance, 3 credits
FIN 321 Insurance, 3 credits
FIN 400 Advanced Managerial Finance, 3 credits
FIN 410 Securities Analysis, 3 credits
FIN 411 Financial Statement Analysis, 3 credits
FIN 420 Bank Management, 3 credits
FIN 422 Risk Management, 3 credits
FIN 425 Financial Derivatives, 3 credits
Total Credit Hours: 9


Students must complete the entire business minor course requirements with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 for the six courses used to complete the business minor. Students must also receive a grade of C- or better in each minor course taken. Some business minor functional areas may have higher minimum grade and cumulative grade point average requirements. Please check the specific requirements for each functional business minor area.