Department of English


Minors in Writing at CCSU!

Creative Writing Minor Requirements


One class apiece in poetry, fiction and narrative nonfiction.

Since all Level II classes require the Level I classes, we recommend students take ENG 370 (Creative Nonfiction I), ENG 371 (Fiction I) and ENG 373 (Poetry I) and then select a genre and take at least a Level II and Level III in that genre.

For example, in Narrative Nonfiction the sequence would be ENG 370 (CNFI), ENG 375 (CNF2) and ENG 483 (CNF3).

Total Credit Hours: 18

Electives for Creative Writing

  • ENG 372, Fiction II
  • ENG 374, Poetry II
  • ENG 375, Creative Nonfiction II
  • ENG 376, Essay
  • ENG 377, Playwriting
  • ENG 378, Creative Writing: Special Topics
  • ENG 382, Travel Writing
  • ENG 383, Writing for Digital Media
  • ENG 384, Publishing (includes Lab)
  • ENG 385, Writing About Series (Spring 2016/Health)
  • ENG 483, Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop
  • ENG 484, Advanced Fiction Workshop
  • ENG 485, Advanced Poetry Workshop
  • ENG 494, Independent Study
  • ENG 495, Internship

We deliberately kept the prerequisites to a minimum for most classes so all CCSU students, including those who are not minors, can access more 300-level writing classes.