Department of English

Minors in Writing at CCSU!



Poetry I, ENG 373, (T) 4:30
Poetry I, ENG 373 (Friday) 10:50
Poetry II, ENG 374 (M/W) 12:15 to 1:30 


Creative Nonfiction I, ENG 370, 1:40 to 2:55 (M/W)
Creative Nonfiction I, ENG 370, 3:05 to 4:30 (T/TR)
Creative Nonfiction II, ENG 375, 12:15 to 1:30 (T/TR)
Essay, ENG 376, 9:25 to 10:40 (T/TR) 


Publishing (with Lab), ENG 384, T 9:25 10:15/ Lab TR 9:25 to 12:05
Writing for Digital Media, ENG 383, 1:40 to 255 (M/W)


Fiction I, ENG 371, 3:05 to 4:20 (M/W)
Fiction I, ENG 371, 10:50 to 12:05 (T/TR)
Fiction 2, ENG 372, 12:15 to 1:30 (T/TR)

General Education Requirement - Skill Level 1

ENG 265, Introduction to Creative Writing
9:25 to 10:40 (M/W)
1:40 to 2:55 (T/TR)

Please do not wait to register!

If these classes do not fill during regular registration, the administration will not wait until the start of the term to see if they do fill; instead they will simply cancel them. Most classes count under both minors as either required classes or electives, but visit the English Department website for details. Many of these classes have no prerequisites so spread the word to your friends who may not be writing minors but are interested in taking more advanced writing courses!

For more information contact Associate Professor Mary Collins at