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Program Overview


The M.A. in English Literature at Central Connecticut State University offers over twenty courses each year, including Research in English; seminars in British and American literature; topics in Literary Periods, and Advanced Studies in British and American Literature focusing on specific figures, genres, periods or themes. Students may also take a limited number of 400-level classes, in which graduate students take on additional responsibilities. Course topics range broadly, from Old English to hypertext, Shakespeare to Pynchon, romance to cyberpunk, reflecting the diverse interests of the English Department’s faculty.

Typical approaches include in-depth examinations of individual authors, comparative studies of two or more authors, explorations of established or emergent literary forms, historical treatments of particular periods, and investigations of important critical or theoretical methods. Independent studies and guided readings are also available to allow students to pursue interests not addressed in scheduled courses.

With its diverse, engaged faculty and structured but flexible program, the English Department’s MA in literature offers both full-time and part-time students a thorough, rigorous training in British and American literature and literary studies that allows students to tailor their experience to meet their professional and intellectual needs and interests.

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