East Asian CenterEast Asian Center

About the Center

The East Asian Center (EAC) at Central Connecticut State University serves as a nexus of knowledge on Asia. The Center seeks to develop and enhance global awareness, cultural diversity, and civic responsibility by forging interdisciplinary connections at the university level, and fostering support for seminars, lectures, workshops, and exhibitions for faculty, students, educators, business and the public in the U.S. and abroad; reciprocal visits of music, artistic, and sports groups; research and conferences; programs to promote international and inter-cultural understanding; and contacts and connections between Connecticut and the Asian community, as well as student and faculty exchanges at CCSU's partner universities in China, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries.

The Center also provides opportunities for students and faculty, as well as the Connecticut business community, to keep abreast of changes in economics and politics and their comparative advantages in Asia.


The mission of the East Asian Center (EAC) is to promote and support academic success and excellence among Asian and Asian American students at CCSU. Among its objectives include:

Ensure that the Center's mission and goals complement those of the university's, particularly the university's distinctive elements on "international education" and "interdisciplinary studies and cross-cultural initiative."

Foster a welcoming, inclusive, informed and sensitive campus climate to Asian and Asian American students, faculty and staff by creating social opportunities for individuals to feel connected to campus life.

Advocate and participate in the assessments of recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of Asian and Asian American students; recruitment, tenure and promotion of Asian and Asian American faculty and staff.

Secure support for Asian and Asian American students' academic development and leadership on campus.

Collaborate with other Centers, i.e., the Africana Center and the Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Center, as well as other campus organizations, in sponsoring and coordinating an array of programs, events/activities, workshops, and conferences to enhance academic learning, encourage social interactions, and inspire leadership among Asian and Asian American students, to provide opportunities for students from other cultural groups to learn about the cultural, economic, political, historical, philosophical and artistic aspects of Asian cultures; and to increase opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among Asian and Asian American students and faculty, staff, and university organizations, cross-cultural communities, and/or individuals with an interest in Asia.

Expand extensive informal and formal ties and partnerships with scholars, universities, and corporations in Asia whose mission and/or interests complement those of our university, and also to secure grants and/or funding to support academic scholarships and internships.