Office of Diversity & Equity



StandUpCCSU is a bystander awareness campaign organized by a group of Central Connecticut State University students, faculty and staff who are committed to the prevention of sexual and interpersonal violence on our campus. StandUpCCSU encourages men to stand up and take action against violence. Our goal is to engage the campus community in a dialogue on how each of us can actively play a part in creating an environment free of sexual and relationship violence.

How You Can Take a Stand:
Start with YOU

  • Get involved. There are many opportunities right here on campus to think deeper about violence prevention in our society. Attend events. Read posters. Ask questions. Know more. 

  • Challenge offensive behaviors. Speak up against sexist, homophobic and racist jokes, comments or actions.

  • Be reflective. Take the time to consider your own relationships and how you can take steps to be a better partner, brother, uncle, father, spouse and/or friend.

Start with YOUR family and friends

  • Support survivors. Those who experience violence are most likely to reach out to family or friend(s). Believing and supporting them can have an incredible impact on their future healing.

  • Challenge others. People we love and respect can sometimes make statements that are sexist, homophobic, or racist. Learn about diverse groups to help the people in your life connect with all members of our community.

Start with YOUR community

  • Share and follow. Social media is a powerful community. Do your part by being a positive role model to friends and followers – bring awareness to issues of violence when you can and challenge myths and misconceptions that you come across. 

  • Be an active bystander. If you see or hear something that could lead to violence or to a hostile culture don’t ignore it. Think about how you can intervene in a way that feels right and safe to you. When in doubt call the police.

Join us. Together we will end violence. Share how you STAND UP - #STANDUPCCSU