Center For Teaching and Faculty Development


LCG Faculty Day Presentations

Thank you to our Learning Community Groups who presented at this year’s Faculty Day on April 28. Their projects were informative, interesting, and inspiring. If you missed them, or would like to revisit them, you can find each presentation here in .pdf form.

The Climate Change Learning Community Group

Led by Barbara Clark (Literacy, Elementary, & Early Childhood Education)

Members: James French, Literacy, Elementary, & Early Childhood Education; Mary Collins, English; Charles Button, Geography; Elizabeth Langhorne, Art

The goal of the Climate Change LCG was to investigate interdisciplinary concepts and pedagogy within curriculum domains to identify ways in which to involve CCSU students and greater community members. They did this through the Elements of Change Arts Exhibition, “Earth, Fire, Water Air: Elements of Climate Change” and the 10th Annual Global Environmental Sustainability Symposium presented by GESAC—the CCSU Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition. CCSU faculty participants included the departments of Geography, Art, Educational Leadership, Literacy, ELED & Early Childhood, Theater, History, Anthropology, and Management.


Leveling the Playing Field: Assessing the Impact of Universal Design for Learning Tools in our Classrooms

Led by Joan Nicoll-Senft (Special Education and Interventions)

Members: Jan Bishop, Physical Education & Human Performance; John Foshay, Department of Special Education & Interventions; Susan Gilmore and Helen Koulidobrova, English; and Marie Kulesza, Business

This group met regularly throughout the semester with the goal to provide faculty with access and training to AudioNoteTaker, software designed to improve student learning at the college level. The project targeted faculty from across all five of CCSU’s schools who were scheduled to teach two sections of the same course during the Spring 2017 semester. The project’s outcomes will include a study of the impact of AudioNoteTaker and the dissemination of the groups’ findings.


Culturally Relevant Teaching

Led by Shelly Jones (Mathematical Sciences)

Members: Lindsay Keazer and Allison Tanguay, Mathematical Sciences; Theodora Ruhs, Journalism; Sarah Mauer, Chemistry; and Jesse Turner and Cara Mulcahy, Literacy, Elementary and Early Childhood Education.

The group met regularly during the semester to discuss the book Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research, and Practice by Geneva Gay to pilot instructional strategies and share lessons learned. Their goal was to better address the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students at the collegiate level.


Exploring Open Educational Resources

Led by Sharon Clapp and Martha Kruy, (Library)

Members: Tom Burkholder, Chemistry; Andrew Fal, Renata Vickrey, Steven Bernstein, Library; Bradley Kjell, Computer Science; Amy Gagnon, CTFD; Linda Foster, English; Shuhi Wu, Computer Electronics / Graphic Technology; Jennifer Nicoletti, IDTRC; Julia Kara-Soteriou, LEECE; Miriam Desgozon, Wyatt Bosworth, Brian Nwafor, Jailene Nazario, students

The goal of this LGC is ongoing: it is designed to help faculty (and students) understand and use Open Educational Resources in their coursework, and to help convert a course to OERs for deployment in the Fall semester. The group meets regularly and includes faculty and library staff, and members of the Student Government Association, who are also committed to exploring and using OERS in their coursework.