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Learning Community Groups

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What is a Learning Community Group?

The primary goal of the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development (CTFD) is to create opportunities for CCSU faculty to share ideas about teaching techniques, pedagogy and professional development. By sponsoring several Learning Community Groups, each with about 5 to 10 faculty and each centered on a relatively narrow theme or teaching strategy, the Center links faculty from across departments.

Studies show that teachers make the most headway with new strategies when they work together with other faculty in small groups then implement and assess new techniques over one or two terms. The CTFD Learning Community Groups meet throughout the academic year on a schedule they determine and then report about their work at Faculty Day.

How Do You Join a Learning Community Group?

Contact the coordinator(s) directly, or contact the CTFD coordinator

Join a 2017-18 Learning Community Group

Open Educational Resources (OERs) Learning Community Group Part 2: How to Convert to / Deploy OERs in the Classroom

Led by Sharon Clapp 

This LCG will focus on development of a process to make it easy as possible for interested faculty members to convert their courses to being (partially or completely) based on OERs. This LCG will include approximately 5 meetings accompanied by an online Blackboard shell to help support the OER participants work.

Developing Productive Discourse in Teaching Mathematics

Led by Lindsay Keazer

This LCG will ask participants to share which tools they choose to incorporate into their teaching using newly published materials provided. The group will create quick snapshot paragraphs of how each participants’ CCSU teaching or work with local K-12 teachers was impacted as a result of using the tools provided in the development materials.

Critical Thinking Learning Community Group

Led by Lisa Frank

This LCG will explore a 6-step process developed by Steven Pearlman and Davis Carillo at St. Joseph’s University. Participants will read and discuss the Faculty Edition of the Critical Thinking Initiative workbook and put the methods into practice in their own classrooms. The workbook will be provided.

Reacting to the Past Role-Playing Simulations

Led by Mark Jones and Kate McGrath

This LCG will be centered on developing a Reacting to the Past (RTTP) community of practice that introduced these highly effective role-playing simulations to CCSU’s pedagogy. The history department has used this pedagogy with great success and they want to recruit faculty from other departments to use RTTP in their classrooms. The book, Minds on Fire: How Role-Immersion Games Transform College written by Mark Carnes, will be provided. 

Last Year's LCGs

The Climate Change Learning Community Group

The Climate Change Learning Community Group will investigate ways in which to participate and support the 10th Annual Global Environmental Sustainability Symposium presented by GESAC-The CCSU Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition. In conjunction with the GESAC Symposium faculty participating will also be involved with the CCSU Exhibition Earth, Fire, Water, Air: Elements of Climate Change. Both events are running concurrently with complimenting venues during the spring semester of 2017. CCSU faculty participating include the departments of Geography, Art, Educational Leadership, Literacy, ELED & Early Childhood, Theatre, History, Anthropology, and Management. Community partners include Mary Pelletier from the CT Park Watershed and Sherry Buckberrough from the University of Hartford Art School.

The main purpose of this LGC is to investigate interdisciplinary concepts and pedagogy within our curriculum domains to identify ways in which to involve our CCSU students and greater community members with the Elements of Change Arts Exhibition and the GESAC Symposium. 

Interested in this LCG? Contact Barbara Clark and Kurt Love.

Leveling the Playing Field:  Assessing the Impact of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Tools in our Classrooms

This Learning Community Group will provide faculty with access and training to AudioNoteTaker, software designed to improve student learning at the college level.  Specifically this project will target faculty from across all five of CCSU's schools who are scheduled to teach two sections of the same course during the Spring 2017 Semester.  Outcomes of this project will include a study of the impact of AudioNoteTaker and dissemination of our findings.

Interested in this LCG? Contact Joan Nicoll-Senft.

Culturally Relevant Teaching at the Collegiate Level

The LCG will read and discuss the current literature on culturally relevant teaching, pilot instructional strategies learned and share lessons learned.  The goal is to better address the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students at the collegiate level.  Participants will attend and provide feedback from four LCG meetings and provide feedback on piloting instructional approaches aligned with the literature on culturally relevant teaching.

Interested in this LCG? Contact Shelly Jones

Exploring Open Educational Resources at CCSU

What are Open Educational Resources and how can they help CCSU students and faculty members alike? How can faculty members convert their courses to either a full or partially OER-based course? This OER LCG will explore the uses and potential of Open Educational Resources, with the goal of selecting one course by the beginning of April to convert all or partially to OER for deployment the following Fall semester. Interested in this LCG? Contact Sharon (