Computer Science


Computer Science B.S. Alternative Program

This program has been designed specifically to address the needs of transfer students since it is possible to complete all requirements in as few as four semesters. Compared to the Honors program, the Alternative program does not require as many courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, and other sciences. This program may also be a good fit for students switching their major to Computer Science after their freshman or sophomore year.

Official Catalog Listing Curriculum Sheet

Past Curriculum Sheets:  2014, 2013, 2007, 2004, 1998


30 credits of computer science courses, including:

CS 151
Computer Science I
3 Credits
CS 152
Computer Science II
3 Credits
CS 153
Computer Science III
3 Credits
CS 253
Data and File Structures
3 Credits
CS 254
Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
3 Credits

And 15 credits of computer science courses numbered CS 225 or higher.


8 credits of mathematics:

MATH 152
Calculus I
4 Credits
MATH 218
Discrete Mathematics
4 Credits