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The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) municipal inland wetlands agency training is supported by the Center for Public Policy and Social Research (CPPSR) at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). CPPSR at CCSU provides a framework for participant registrations and will assist with program logistics. In2015, training consisted of a Comprehensive Training Program.

The Comprehensive Training Program for 2015 is now closed. Please check back in the Spring of 2016 for new training opportunities.

The DEEP's 2015 Municipal Inland Wetlands Agency Comprehensive Training Program was presented pursuant to the General Statutes of Connecticut section 22a-39 and was designed for new agency members and staff. The Comprehensive Training Program consisted of an on-line course offered through a CCSU website platform. This interactive, multi-media, self-paced, on-line training course served to teach participants the fundamentals of the Connecticut Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act.

The course "walked" participants through each section of the law and discuseds various procedural topics that such agencies encounter on a regular basis (i.e.: ex-parte communication, how to make a "record", etc.). The roles and responsibilities of municipal inland wetlands agencies were emphasized. Additional information, including but not limited to, wetland soils, the functions and values of wetlands and watercourses, stream crossing best management practices, and site plan re-view were presented.

A DEEP-issued certificate will be awarded to participants who have completed the program course. Completion of the Comprehensive Training Program fulfills the training requirement for duly authorized agents pursuant to the General Statutes of Connecticut section 22a-42(c)(2). 

Continuing Education Workshops


DEEP Municipal Inland Wetlands Agency Continuing Education Workshops provide municipal inland wetlands agency members and staff the opportunity to complement their knowledge with additional training. Of particular importance is the necessity to relay current legal and administrative information, such as court case opinions and amendments to the law. Workshops offered as continuing education will consist of annual legal and administrative updates; and technical, field oriented classes.

Due to limited workshop enrollment, participants must preregister. Registration is on a first come, first-served basis with priority being given to inland wetlands agency members and staff. Comprehensive training program vouchers are not applicable to continuing education workshops.

Continuing education workshops are offered as resources allow. When a workshop is scheduled a brochure or flyer containing a program description and registration information will be mailed to municipal inland wetlands agencies.


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