Community Engagement


Promotion and Tenure

The CCSU Faculty Senate Community Engagement Committee (FSCE) is a standing committee of the faculty senate that advises the University on and makes recommendations regarding the promotion of policies, curricular enhancements, and campus and community events designed to foster Community Engagement. The FSCE has created guidelines designed to assist faculty to document their community engaged research, teaching and service when being considered for renewal, promotion and tenure, organized professional development workshops centered around community engagement best-practices, developed CCSU’s Community Engagement Minor, and provides resources for the Office of Community Engagement to better support faculty. Membership to the Committee is open to all current students, faculty members, administrators, students, and employees of the University and can be attained (1) by nomination or self-nomination in response to the annual call for nominations by the Elections Committee of the Faculty Senate each Spring, or (2) by submitting a request for membership to the Co-Chairs of the Community Engagement Committee.

On May 2, 2016, the Faculty Senate approved the document entitled “Guidelines for Documenting Community Engaged Research, Teaching and Service” as a resource accessible to faculty from the Senate website. The use of this document is optional and will not supersede DEC guidelines but can be used to help support recognition of community engaged work in the promotion and tenure process.

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