Community Engagement


Engaged Scholarship & Funding Opportunities

Recognized as a Carnegie Community Engagement Institution, CCSU places a high value on the importance of community engagement as part of its own distinctive mission. As a result, faculty who engage in community-based scholarship play an integral role in the development and promotion of civic engagement and service learning at CCSU. 

Have a service learning or community-based project in-mind for the fall or spring but not enough funding? Does this project connect CCSU students with the surrounding community? Does the project advance CCSU’s community engagement objectives? If so, the Office of Institutional Advancement may be able to help faculty and staff develop online crowdfunding projects to fund community engagement initiatives.

  1. 100% of the gifts go directly to the project

  2. Each donor will receive documentation to put towards this year’s taxes

  3. You can utilize fundraising techniques from CCSU’s fundraising professionals

To learn more, please contact Charles Johnson at 860-832-1794 or

Other opportunities for faculty to obtain assistance in their efforts to secure financial support for research and scholarly activities exist through the university’s Grants and Funded Research office. For information on possible internal and external grant opportunities, please visit the Office of Grants and Funded Research.