2d Annual International Mural Slam
Posted 09/29/2009 01:27PM

2nd New Britain International Mural Slam, Saturday, October 3

Mural Painters, Graffiti Artists and Scenic Painters from the local area and beyond converge on Central Connecticut State University for the 2nd New Britain International Mural Slam. Sponsored in part by the Central Connecticut State University Mural Program and the CCSU Art Club, the Mural Slam will be held on Saturday, October 3, from 9am-5pm on the rooftop of Welte Garage, just off Ella Grasso Blvd.

Mural Slam organizer and CCSU Professor of Art Mike Alewitz states: "The goal of the slam is to bring a broad range of artists, from the surrounding communities and beyond, to come together and showcase the work that they will create onsite. The event is inspired by the tradition and energy of Poetry Slams - in this case, though, it is really something to see."

"CCSU is in a unique position to sponsor this event. In addition to having one of the country's outstanding public mural programs, New Britain is the home to some world-class graffiti artists. This is a unique opportunity to see them at work," he said.

The first Mural Slam attracted over 40 Mural Painters, Graffiti Artists and Scenic Painters. Many of the graffiti artists were very pleased with the idea of the Slam because of the risk associated with they're art. "We have no legal places to paint in this city; we're forced to go out under bridges, in the woods, every day. It's like therapy, you go to work all day, see stuff on T.V you won't be able to ever afford, but you can always go get some cans, and do something that not everyone can do." Bobby, Graffiti Artist, New Britain, CT.

Participants in the Mural Slam must be 16 or older. There is a $10 registration fee.

For more information/ photo requests contact:
Slam Organizer Kyle Mencel at Mencelkyt@ccsu.edu - 203-673-2656
Mural Program Director Prof Mike Alewitz at alewitz@comcast.net - 860-518-4046