Bursar's Office


CCSU offers the convenience of online billing and payment.

When bills are ready for viewing, students receive e-mail notifications in their CCSU e-mail box, or at an off-campus e-mail address to which they have set forwarding. A link in the e-mail takes students to CentralPipeline. Students may also access the eBill by logging directly into CentralPipeline using their BlueNet ID and password. Once logged in, students can view tuition bills, make credit card or e-check payments, and set up third-party payers who can make payments on their behalf.

All students have the ability to:

  • View and pay their bills 24/7 from any computer with Internet access
  • Authorize another party, such as a parent or employer, to pay their bills and to view billing information
  • Pay housing and admissions deposits online
  • View up to 16 prior e-bills online
  • Make electronic payments from checking or savings accounts (U.S. banks only) or with a credit card (MasterCard, or Discover)
  • Receive tuition bills faster with e-mail notification

Instructions for viewing your bill via the Web:

  • Navigate to the CCSU home page at www.ccsu.edu. Point to CentralPipeline, then click on CentralPipeline for Students (or click on Current Students).
  • From the CentralPipeline home page, click on the WebCentral-Banner Web link and log in with your BlueNet account username and password.
  • From the Home tab, click on the eBill/Make Payment link.
  • From the menu on the left, click on eBill / ePayments.
  • Click on View Accounts for most current information

This fast, convenient, and secure service requires students to keep their CCSU e-mail preferences up-to-date (please see CCSU's Student E-Communication Policy). Students can choose to set up a CCSU e-mail box or set forwarding to a valid off-campus e-mail address (AOL, Hotmail, etc). Students can check and change e-mail preferences at any time by going to http://accounts.ccsu.edu. From there, students can modify their off-campus address or set up a CCSU e-mail box.



Paper bills are not sent. You will be accountable for timely response to University e-correspondence; therefore, it is every student's responsibility to keep your CCSU email preferences up-to-date via our accounts management program (in CentralPipeline).  See instructions below.

You will need to make sure that you've set up a CCSU email box OR have set forwarding to a valid off-campus email address.  If you are not sure, please follow the steps below to verify: 

  • Go to: https://accounts.ccsu.edu
  • Enter your 8-digit ID, last 4-digits of SSN and date of birth.
    Click Submit.
  • For students with an active CentralPipeline account:
    • Click on the Email Preferences link and read about your email options.
    • At the bottom of the screen you will see what your current email option is set to.
    • If you have chosen forwarding to an off-campus email box, it must be a valid email address that you check regularly.
    • If you have chosen a CCSU email box and you do not actively read it, you can choose to keep it (read it via CentralPipeline) or type in a valid forwarding email address.
  • For students who are activating a new CentralPipeline account:
    • The next screen that appears will explain our computer use policy.
    • At the bottom of this screen, you will be asked to choose a CCSU email box or to set forwarding to a valid off-campus email.
    • If you prefer to read and store your email on the CCSU mail server, choose a CCSU email box.
    • If you prefer to read email via an off-campus email address, please provide that address. It is important that this off-campus email be a valid email address that you check regularly.
    • Continue with the activation process of getting your username and setting your password.
    • If you set forwarding to an off-campus email address your CCSU email address is: username@ccsu.edu. Any email sent to your CCSU address will automatically be forwarded to your designated off-campus address.
    • If you have chosen a CCSU email box, you will read your email via CentralPipeline and your email will be stored on our CCSU mail server.
    • You cannot have both options - you must choose either a CCSU email box or email forwarding.
    • You can change your email preferences at any time by going to https://accounts.ccsu.edu. From there you can modify your off-campus address or set up a CCSU email box.
  • Please review CCSU's E-Communications policy