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Jacqueline Simone Brown
Destiny Stackhouse
Zoe Grant
Henry Myers
Shannon Cisse
Sherisse Truman
Demesis Negron Figueroa



Brown Jacqueline Simone Brown
I am a senior majoring in Communications and Theatre Performance. I am a student events coordinator assisting with the Women of Color events. I am also organizing our upcoming theater projects such as The Vagina Monologues, You soy Latina, and Take your Daughter/Son to Work Day.

When I'm not working I like to read books as well as write plays. I also try to stay as active as possible whenever I get the time to get in the gym. I've been a part of the Ruthe Boyea Women's Center since spring 2014 when I was crowned Miss CCSU. After that, I couldn't stay away and I began volunteering and working on any project I could.



Stackhouse Destiny Stackhouse
At the Women’s Center, I do the statistics for program evaluations, and I am a group member for the Title IX project.

My professional interests are to get into the social work major, graduate college with my bachelors in social work and maybe a minor in writing. My leisure activities are watching movies and television shows, shopping, and spending time with my family.

I started working at the Women’s Center this year.



grant Zoe Grant

My name is Zoё Grant and I am a senior here at Central Connecticut State University. I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. I have been working at the Women’s Center for 1 year but I have been volunteering for a few years. I work as a Sexual Violence Prevention Advocate here at the Women’s Center. I coordinate programs to bring awareness to the topic of sexual violence against women and men. I am in charge of this year’s Take Back The Night event. I am very passionate about my job here at the Women’s Center and I plan on taking my experience and applying it to my job in the future. After graduation, I hope to work as a sexual assault victim advocate for children. Although I do a lot of prevention work, I also have other hobbies. I enjoy reading books, drinking tea, and spending time with my cats. I am also a member of the Student Government Association and I do a lot of advocacy for mental health related issues. 


myers Henry Myers

This is Henry’s first semester working here at the Women’s Center. He is majoring in social work with a minor in Psychology. He is passionate about men’s rights and advocating for men’s health. He is also active in sex education, and is the lead in charge of the condom machine program in the residence halls. He loves singing and is member of the Ebony Chorale Ensemble here at CCSU.





Shannon Cisse

Major in Bimolecular Science and a Minor in French. As a Health Coordinator at the women's center I alongside Sherise and other coordinators put on events that would benefit the females of CCSU. My biggest project this year is Girls in STEM but I will also be working on parenting night in the spring semester as well as other programs. Outside of being a Student and Coordinator at the Women's Center, I am also a Sales Consultant at CarMax. On my downtime I like to spend time with family and friends who make me happy. I like to watch my favorite TV shows and play video games as well.


truman Sherisse Truman

My name is Sherise and I am the event coordinator for the Women's Health Series. At Central Connecticut State University, I am a student athlete, social work club vice president, as well as a senior, double majoring in Psychology and Social Work. I have been an active member of the Ruthe Boyea Women's center for two years, planning and advertising various programs such as Women in Recovery, HIV and STD info sessions and testing, Women in Sports, Salary Negotiation Workshops and many more.

I will be attending graduate school starting July 2017, for my Master's in Social Work with a concentration in policy. My professional goal is to work in higher education with first year, transfers, and international students.

During my leisure time, I love watching movies, reading, and exercising. 





Figueroa Demesis Negron Figueroa

I am the student coordinator for the Latina Leadership & Personal Development Group. I represent the women center in the group. Our weekly meetings usually consist of 10-12 members. In the group, members work together to create a safe environment in which anyone can come and be free to be who they wish to be. I am currently working with the LLPD Group and the Women Center to bring to campus the "Yo Soy Latina" play, which it would take place on March 30, 2017. This play was written by Linda Nieves-Powell and shows a group of females who come from different Hispanic countries coming together to speak about the different stereotypes that not only Hispanics have of one another, but also the stereotypes society has of them. I am in charge of the advertising and promoting the play for the CCSU community, press, and surrounding communities. I also help with the Women of Color Luncheon the Latina Leadership events. This semester is my first time working at the Women Center. 

Professional and leisure activitiesMy professional interest is to obtain a P.h.D in Clinical Social Work and work with either Families, Women's Organizations or the Latino Community. I would like to work in an organization that focuses in social justice as well the civil rights of individuals. My leisure activities are reading, listening to music, movies, and hiking.