Portfolio Requirement Checklist

The Portfolio Requirement in Biomolecular Sciences will be formally introduced to students during the BMS 190 and 290 introductory core component of all major programs in Biomolecular Sciences. Minimally, the Student Portfolio must include:

  1. a current resume

  2. a current transcript (available from the CCSU Central Pipeline) or Student Graduation Evaluation

  3. a narrative describing the student’s goals for undergraduate education and graduate educational or career plans

  4. a planned program of academic study

  5. writing samples from one or more upper-level courses in the major

  6. abstracts of all independent study projects completed.

To fulfill the Portfolio Requirement in Biomolecular Sciences, the Student Portfolio must be maintained by the student and reviewed with one or more faculty members in Biomolecular Sciences:

  1. as a course requirement in Biomolecular Sciences 190 and 290,

  2. as a required component of all BMS 390, 391, or 491 independent studies or internships, and

  3. prior to application for graduation, as evidenced by submission of a “Portfolio Requirement Completed” form (available at an informal graduation interview to be scheduled with the major advisor one month prior to graduation), signed by the major advisor, to the Biomolecular Sciences Chair.

In addition, students should meet with their advisor each semester prior to registration. Students should bring their up-dated Student Portfolio to all such advisory meetings.


Things to DO (and keep track of):

Have you formally declared your major? Major:_______________________ Date:_________

Have you formally declared a specialization? Specialization:_________________ Date:_________

Have you formally declared a minor? Minor:_______________________ Date:_________

Forms for each of these are available in the BMS Chair’s Office

Have you been assigned an advisor by the BMS Chair? Advisor:___________________________

Have you made plans for an Independent Study (BMS 390 or 391)?

Completed, Semester-Year:_________ Faculty Sponsor:_______________________ Abstract included


• Are you planning to earn a Certificate in Biotechnology? Yes No

Program Sheets available from the BMS Chair


• Are you planning a professional career in the health sciences? Yes No

Make an appointment with the Pre-Health Advisor!


• What is your current graduate educational or career goal? ____________________________________________ 

Portfolio Reviews 

BMS 190, Faculty Signature: ______________________________Date: _______________________


BMS 290, Faculty Signature: ______________________________Date: _______________________


BMS 390/391, Faculty Signature: ___________________________Date: _______________________


Additional Semesters of Independent Study (indicate course number: BMS 390, BMS 391, or BMS 491)


BMS _____, Faculty Signature: _____________________________Date: _______________________


BMS _____, Faculty Signature: _____________________________Date: _______________________


BMS _____, Faculty Signature: _____________________________Date: _______________________


BMS _____, Faculty Signature: _____________________________Date: _______________________