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Inventory Policies

If you have any questions, please contact Property & Inventory Control at Ext. 22321.


This memorandum is a reminder that it is the responsibility of all state employees to safeguard all State Property. Employees are responsible for all equipment assigned to them or requisitioned by them. Section 4-36 of the Connecticut General Statutes states "Each agency shall establish and keep an inventory account in the form prescribed by the Comptroller..."

To accomplish this, Department Heads are responsible for providing the name of a department liaison person to the Property & Inventory Control Office to assist them with the physical inventory of all campus assets valued at $1000 or greater. The persons acting as liaisons will be responsible for issues related to the inventory in their areas. Department Heads and liaisons will be given advance written notice of scheduled inventory date(s) along with a copy of their current inventory to review prior to the actual physical inventory. The appropriate Vice President or Chief Officer will be copied on all correspondence.

No equipment is to be removed from its assigned location without first obtaining your Department Head's signature on an Equipment Inventory Change Request form (interactive: can be filled out on-line, printed, and then mailed to the Inventory Control Office) or Off-Campus Equipment Loan form and forwarding it to Property & Inventory Control. These printable forms can be accessed here or by contacting the Property & Inventory Control Office. You should contact this office when you have any equipment, furniture, etc. to be moved or to designated for surplus or disposal. In addition, no University property is to be donated without the permission of Property & Inventory Control.

Stolen items must be immediately reported to the Campus Police and to Property & Inventory Control. Items deemed as "missing" during physical inventory and not located within 10 days will be referred to the Campus Police for review and may result in a department's inability to purchase equipment.



Computers are the most movable items on campus. Please remember that an "Equipment Inventory Change Request" transfer form must be completed whenever a computer is being moved to another department. For example, if the Information Technology Services Department. is bringing you a new computer, or you are sending an old computer to them, a transfer form must be filled out and signed by both the campus department and the ITS department, and forwarded to the Property & Inventory Control Office. If your department moves to another building and you leave computers behind in rooms or closets, you are still accountable for those pieces of equipment until a transfer form has been completed. If you are taking a computer off campus, an "Off Campus Loan" form must be completed by your department and forwarded to the Property & Inventory Control Office in East Hall. No computer should leave its location without a transfer form or Off-Campus Loan form. Be sure to keep a copy of that form; as it serves as your receipt. Keeping this form protects you in the event of a confusion or loss of state records by proving that you no longer have that piece of State property in your possession. The original is to be sent to Property & Inventory Control in East Hall. If you have questions about this procedure, please contact our office at Ext. 22308.



The care and safeguarding of all Central Connecticut State University property is the responsibility of every person on campus. The following policies are mandated by the State and administered by CCSU's Property & Inventory Control Office.

Inventory is tagged with a barcoded inventory label and maintained on the CCSU inventory system.

The Associate Chief Administrative Officer will annually request department heads to appoint a staff or faculty member as the department liaison for at least a one-year term. Liaisons will provide access to all department areas during physical inventories, report any changes of assets in their department, and serve as a source of information regarding Inventory Policies & Procedures for all faculty and staff

A full physical inventory of the university will be performed at least once a year. The results of the inventory will be reconciled at the department level and reported to the president, the departments' vice-president, the State Comptroller, and the Auditors of Public Accounts.



The disposal of surplus property must be authorized by the Associate Chief Administrative Officer. The Property & Inventory Control Office will arrange all disposal options for equipment that is no longer of use to departments. Used office furniture can be obtained by contacting the Property & Inventory Control Office. In the event such a disposal becomes necessary; please submit an Equipment Inventory Change Request form to Property & Inventory Control. be sure, in addition to an Equipment Inventory Change Request form indicating the barcode number, one includes BOTH a description of the asset to be removed from your department AND reason for removal. This form must be signed by the department head.



Missing, lost/stolen, or vandalized property should be reported immediately to the Campus Police at X22375. Missing campus Computers, Laptops, and related equipment should be reported immediately to the Campus Police and also to the Chief Information Officer.



Relocation of Inventory to a New Building/Room or Department
The relocation or transfer of an asset must be reported immediately to the Property & Inventory Control Office via a completed and signed Equipment Inventory Change Request form. This form must include the barcode number and description of the item. If no barcode is found on the item record the following:

  • If transferring to a different building/room within a department: list the new building/room number
  • If transferring to a different department: list the new department, building and room location

Trade-ins, Returns & Replacements
When an asset is traded in, returned, or replaced by a vendor, both the Purchasing Department and Property & Inventory Control must be notified. Fill out an Equipment Inventory Change Request form, and an OF-80 Return Authorization form.

Note: So that our assets can continue to be controlled electronically and meet State reporting requirements; please report any changes immediately. Retain a copy of all paperwork for your departmental records.



Under certain circumstances; an employee may be granted permission by the either both the department head and vice-president or by the Chief Administrative Officer to temporarily remove CCSU property for off-camps university related purposes.
An approved Off-Campus Equipment Loan form must be submitted to the Property & Inventory Control Office before any asset can be removed from campus. The form can be obtained from the department inventory liaison or the Property & Inventory Control Office. (Or by clicking on the above link.)

Upon request, you will be required to bring in the asset for inventory verification.



Anyone wishing to give a gift or donation of an asset to the university should be directed to contact the Vice-President for Institutional Advancement at (860) 832-1766 or



Leased equipment (i.e. copiers, etc.) is considered a part of the asset inventory and is reported to the State Comptroller and the Auditors of Public Accounts. Whenever a new, used, or leased piece of equipment either arrives at or leaves your department; please contact both the Purchasing Department and the Property & Inventory Control Office to ensure that reporting of this asset is handled properly.



Please direct any questions or request for hardcopies of any Property & Inventory Control forms referenced here to either your departmental inventory liaison; or else Contact the Property & Inventory Control Office directly. There is also a link in the sidebar to Downloadable Forms on the Facilities Management Forms page; which you can print yourself to save time.

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